Okay, my friends, I have to admit – I think I finally hit the point where I’m like WTF.

Just a year ago from today, I was finishing up my last few finals, drinking ritas with the girls, & bar hopping nightly with like 30 of my closest friends. Not to mention lying out at the beautiful Gorges (its an Ithaca thing) and actually socializing with people at the gym. And then came senior week… and graduation… and the week after senior week… where people slowly kept leaving and suddenly I was one of the last few people walking downtown for morning bagels. We were living the dream. And it went by so quickly!

I still feel like I graduated yesterday… and I think that is what is bothering me the most. Because now younger people are graduating – therefore making me (and the rest of you that are also in my situation) NOT the youngest people fresh out of college. We’ve been out for a year. I still consider myself a recent grad, but how long can I keep that title for?

I’ve talked to a good amount of people who feel this way, and the best way to get through these hard times is to know you are not alone. If you are experiencing any of the following, just remember – it gets better(?)

  • You thought you would be working at your dream job after you graduated, and you are not.
  • You thought you wouldn’t have much trouble getting a job since you had awesome internships, but you did – and it took you months (even almost a year) to actually get a job.
  • You thought you would have moved to a different state by now to pursue your dreams, but you did not.
  • You thought that you would grow to like your first job, but you don’t.
  • You thought that you would have moved out by now, but you haven’t.
  • You struggle to afford rent, groceries, AND alcohol – even though you’re on salary.
  • You thought you were done interning after you turned your tassel to the left at graduation – but you thought wrong.
  • You wish you were one of the lucky people who could afford to move somewhere after graduation to get your dream job even though it pays shit.
  • You also wish you were one of those lucky people whose internships just so happened to hire recent grads around the time you graduated.
  • You ALSO wish you had a family member or close connection that could have helped you out after graduation.
  • Unless drinking is involved, you fall asleep before 11 almost every night.
  • Only on special weekends do you venture out twice a weekend…
  • You get so tired and busy at work, that it becomes hard to go to the gym on a regular basis.
  • You do not see anyone during the week except the people you work with and the people you live with.
  • Going out during the week is a rare occurrence.
  • You thought after a year of being in the real world you would have enough money to go on some lavish vacation – but you’re still broke (even those who live at home).
  • You watch way too much television now.

Sooo, we all can maybe agree with one… two… three… or almost ALL of these eye opening bullets – but what we have to remember is that we are ALL going through it… and it must get better!

Celebs, execs, your parents, and more all went through it… You have to start somewhere! I mean, your parents were able to send you to college. And if you had to pay, don’t worry, one day it will all be worth it. A wise professor once told us that securing an awesome job is based on LUCK and TIMING more than it is on your EXPERIENCE – so just know that when the time is right, something will happen (if you’re lucky). Ambition is factored somewhere in their too, so just keep being an ambitious young go-getter, while having fun and enjoying your youth… That one year flew by so fast – who knows how quickly the years will go by now.


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  1. Formally known as the cool kid Reply

    Don’t for get that securing a job is also dependent on the ability to market yourself towards the particular company/industry, after all, THEY will be investing in YOU. As well as your interpersonal skills.

    • Very true! In this post I was stressing the lack of jobs available right now for communications graduates, like myself (I prob should have clarified that – sorry if I scared anyone!). But when I write about interviewing & applying to jobs, I will make sure to stress that.

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