Okay, so tonight was the “spring” finale (even though its not spring yet – 2 days!) of my favorite show, Pretty Little Liars. If you are wondering how it was, it was fantastic with a side of WTF. Although I’m going to hate life even more on Mondays now because I will actually have nothing to look forward to, it gives me all the more reason to be excited for summer/June when it returns. (PS We now know Ian killed Alison… and he tried to kill Spencer in a creep-ass church tonight. Her friends were LISTENING to Ian trying to kill Spencer on the phone. Can’t that phone call be traced by the police??? COME ON, GIRLS. Let’s get with it!)

After Pretty Little Liars, the show “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” came on. I’ve never seen it before… And I don’t know if you have, but its a very interesting show. I was a teenager once… at least I think I was… but now I’m not too sure because my life was far too sheltered and innocent compared to these pregnant sex-and-marriage-craved 16 year olds. Is this show even serious? Why is everyone pregnant? Maybe they should add in singing & dancing (and the whole Glee cast) and then it will be EVEN MORE REAL (because everyone sings in the halls in high school – duh). In high school, maybe I heard of one person who got pregnant by another from a town nearby. Is this America’s way of teaching safe sex to teens now? Have a show with 7 pregnant girls all getting married to boys who cheat on each other with other pregnant girls (while the parents cheat on each other too). What a message.

Makes me happy that I’ve made it this far without getting pregnant. I will never have to worry about being a pregnant teenager and being able to graduate from college, because I’m 22 and already graduated from college.  Thank you, ABC Family for this random revelation.


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