Submitted For The Approval of The ForeverTwentySomethings: We Burn… RENT

Paying rent goes hand in hand with getting your period unexpectedly, falling asleep in the sun and getting a sunglass raccoon tan, and I’m going to go out on a limb and say a mammogram too even though I have yet to experience that.  It’s an annoying bitch that you can’t shake off and the sucky and worst part of it all is it will follow you for the rest of your life.  Oh wait, until you buy a house and then you have it’s bitchier, uglier, step mother MORTGAGE.

I mean I get it…I put it on myself by living on my own in a big city.  I CHOOSE to not live back at home with my parents therefore, I put this burden on myself.  Everyone thinks that picking up my life and moving to LA automatically made me the new Lauren Conrad.  But if that fake reality show and college have taught me anything it’s that—being on your own kinda sucks.

So here we are, as twenty-somethings, shelling out hundreds and hundreds of dollars towards apartments that are smaller than our dorm rooms. Even though we would much rather spend that money on… a new car?  Furniture that isn’t from IKEA?  New clothes? Oh, the world is our oyster if we were able to actually save our rent money!

Therefore, it is only fitting to have this annoying bitch that is rent be the first of many burns in our twenty-something lives.


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