Taking the #1 Spot in Hollywood Gossip (aside from the hopefully triumphant/potentially frightening return of the beloved Cory and Topanga in the Boy Meets World spin-off we’ve all frantically tweeted about) is the new and improved Chris Brown debacle. Somehow, after years of violent outbursts and recklessness, the world is taken aback by the details of his latest scandal involving comedic writer, Jenny Johnson.

According to TMZ and the rest of the entertainment world, this is how it went down. Johnson took a snarky shot at Brown via Twitter earlier this week (I mean, who hasn’t), causing him to revert back to his traditional ways and travel leaps and bounds over the “taking it too far” line.  In a matter of minutes, Johnson became the target of the one of the most vulgar, disrespectful verbal attacks I’ve ever witnessed between a man and a woman. I have no intentions of paraphrasing the disgusting tweets that Brown sent, so if your curiosity is getting the best of your attention span, go ahead and see for yourself.

We’ve all listened to his recent music which claims that he is a “Changed Man;” this, that, or what have you. He’s sat down in interview after interview, swearing that his fists of rage and obnoxious outbursts are a worry of the past. Fans of his music, fellow artists, and the entire music world put their faith in his newly baptized hands…and he returned the favor by threatening to “shart” in Jenny Johnson’s mouth.

Oops, he most certainly did it again.

Yes, it appears as though CB is the same person he was a few years ago when blind anger took hold of his abusive behavior. He’s the same artist who threw a temper tantrum following his live performance on Good Morning America and flung a chair through the window of a New York skyscraper. Chris Brown is the same Chris Brown he’s always been; but then again, what’s stopping him?

Loyal Band of Ego-Boosting Fans

If I have to see “Team Breezy” pop up on my Twitter feed one more time, I think I might actually deactivate my account. Yes, every musician is entitled to their own set of adoring fans. However, it seems as though members of “Team Breezy” have more in common than a mutual love of hip-hop and rap music; they’re also delusional. Through the grime and muck that is Chris Brown’s reputation, his fans have defended, and at times even justified, his appalling behavior.

Non-Fans Disguised as Members of “Team Breezy”

You know the type—they drop it low the minute Don’t Wake Me Up is heard playing on the club floor below before going on a 15-minute binge rant about how his poorly bleached hair makes him look like Sisqo’s younger cousin while casually slipping in the overwrought wife beater jokes. These people are everywhere; I’m one of them. It’s hypocritical, it’s nonsensical thinking, and it’s contributed directly to CB’s continued success. The truly sad part about this is that we can’t even blame it on the fact that we’re die-hard fans. We’re not even mediocre fans. Together, we loathe Chris Brown while mourning the death of his 16-year-old persona.

The Arms of Music Are Wide Open

Being a celebrity means not having to adhere to normal people rules; and by normal people rules, I mean getting treated to star-quality service, standards, and stature. Apparently once you’ve maintained that stature, no amount of wrongdoing can knock you off your high horse. Not even sexist, destructive behavior. Indecency after indecency, the music world accepts him back into the club with no hesitation. He is still asked to perform at award shows sponsored by different TV channels and musical associations. Hip-hop artists around the country immediately jump at the opportunity to collaborate with him. With CB as the flame, the moths always come flying. Anything to boost ratings and encourage lip-synching, right?

Rihanna Dug Up Love in a Toxic Place

And now for the real culprit, the person most responsible for Chris Brown’s middle-finger-in-your-face attitude, the bride of Frankenstein himself—Rihanna, of course. Not only did this woman sympathize with her ex-boyfriend while he sat in court for beating her to a pulp, but she welcomed him back into her life. She chose to be in an unhealthy, publicly denounced relationship with zero remorse for her dignity. Way to go, RiRi.

What if children were raised according to the Chris Brown Code of Conduct? They would be rewarded for bad behavior, disrespect, and negligence. Toys would never be put away, candy would always be consumed before dinner, and most of their school day would be spent in time-out. There would be no lessons to learn from and absolutely no consequences to face. The world would be one giant playground for them to roam around as they pleased, with no regard to whose sandbox they stepped on in the process.

And what incentive would they have to put an end to their careless, selfish ways? Zero, and that’s why Chris Brown is still around. That’s why the hashtag, #TeamBreezy is still being echoed throughout the Twitterverse. That’s why my iTunes has 72 of his songs. That’s why the irritatingly catchy song, Forever got a crap ton of airtime even after he was put in jail for domestic assault. And that, my beautiful readers, is why a woman backed by success and independence of her own crept back into the bed of the very man who used her face for boxing practice. The world hasn’t learned to deny him access to the privileges he’s continued to abuse, so why should he change?

Let’s hope his dose of karma speeds up; Jenny Johnson could use the extra help.


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