Reasons to NOT Look Forward to Summer

1. Mosquitoes

2. Ants

3. Bees

4. Hornets

5. Wasps

6. Sweaty sleep

7. Clothing dilemmas – When it’s super hot outside… but it’s freezing in the office… what do you wear?

8. You are currently white as a ghost and only have like a month left to get bathing suit ready.

9. I’m out of reasons.

Reasons to Look Forward to Summer
(if you’re graduating from college this month and are feeling ultra depressed, hopefully this list will cheer you up!)

1. Beach

2. Tans (aka looking thinner & hotter)

3. Having motivation to wake up in the morning

4. Standing in line for ice cream outside (at places such as Crescent Ridge in Stoughton, MA)

5. Sitting outside at restaurants

6. Boats/kayaks

7. Outdoor shopping

8. BBQs (hotdogs & hamburgers on the grill… yum)

9. Vacations!

10. Standing in line at bars and not freezing your ass off

11. Dresses, sandals, bathing suits, skirts, shorts.

12. Outdoor concerts!

13. Opening your pool (or your friends opening their pools…)

14. Roof Deck Parties.

15. Dresses without tights!!


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