As recent grads, you should have realized by now that a huge part of getting a job is based on who you know. Obviously that is not the only factor in getting a job – but it sure does help. That is why I propose to you a way the employed can help the unemployed… And that is simply by referring people!

If you just graduated, you are most likely looking for a job. You can scan the internet as much as you want, but if you actually find a job you are interested in, think to yourself, “Do I know ANYONE that works at this company?” … Even if you know an entry-level assistant who works in a totally different department in a totally different state than the position you are applying to — this person can still help you. How, you may ask? Because they have an IN with Human Resources.

HR trusted your peer enough to hire them… they know they’re not some hobo on the side of the street… they are a trusted employee. HR departments receive hundreds (if not thousands) of resumes a day for each position they have open. Do you think these people have the time to go through — or even LOOK at — every single one of these resumes? No.

To them, you are just a name. And unfortunately, your resume most likely looks the same as a lot of the other resumes in the pile. Maybe the hiring manager will have something in common with you — like the recruiter is from the same small town as you… or he/she played the same sport as you in college. Little things like this break you apart from everyone else — but it will only help if the recruiter has these things in common with you.

So why not ask your friend (or acquaintance… or even friend’s friend) to help get your resume looked at by HR. Even if they don’t know HR and/or they don’t know anyone or anything about the position you’re applying to… they can still help get your resume looked at, rather than leaving it to sit in a pile of untouched papers. In addition to helping your resume get looked at, HR will know that one of their trusted employees (that they hired) thinks that this person will be a good fit for the job and company.

Many companies also have a referral bonus… meaning MONEY for YOU. Now, who wouldn’t want more money? So not only are you helping out someone, but you are also putting some extra cash in your pocket. Everyone wins! And if no one is asking you to refer them, spread the word that your company is hiring. Maybe you’ll help an awesome friend of a friend of a friend get a job. Helping people is especially good when a cash reward is involved…

Now if you actually know the people who are hiring – or work closely with the department, there should be no reason why you haven’t helped out a friend in need yet! Regardless, there really is no reason you shouldn’t help someone out when they’re interested in your company. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the person will DEFINITELY get a job… but you will help them to at least have a better chance of scoring an interview… and possibly a job thereafter.

I referred two people to two different companies – and they both got the jobs they wanted. It’s THAT easy. And I got $500 dollars out of one of the referrals. Money isn’t even the best feeling from the experience, though. It’s knowing that I helped someone get a job when they were desperately searching. And I am happy to refer anyone else to my company – or any other company I have contacts at – because I know they would do the same for me! And I know how much it SUCKS to job search when you don’t have the right contacts at the moment. (Not to mention, I also introduced both these girls to their current boyfriends — am I a life coach in training??? possibly, yes).

This post really comes down to one thing and one thing only – Networking! Friends aren’t the only people you can ask to refer you. So start referring and getting referred… You either have a job or are searching for a job, so you can do one or the other right now!


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