Before we graduated college and entered the “real world” the things that simply brought us joy consisted of finding out the night before that an an 8am class was canceled, binge drinking on a week night, and passing in our last final exam before summer and exiting the classroom into the sunshine. Things have changed quite a bit, haven’t they? Well despite what you may think, recent grads, that does not mean our simple joys are forever gone… They are just forever different. Here are the recent grad’s top 20 simple joys in life.

20. Using your college ID for discounts even though you aren’t in college anymore.

19. Free food (and/or drinks) from a company meeting, event, or gathering.

18. Getting to a bar and realizing that there is NO line on a Friday or Saturday night.

17. Summer Fridays/Summer hours at work (not all of us reap this benefit, but if you do – what a joy!)

16. Putting up your “Out of Office” message before taking a day off or vacation.

15. Girls: Having a guy buy you a drink at a bar (that never happened in college, did it?)

14. Guys: Being able to use your business card as a pickup line.

13. Using the excuse to buy new clothes (and shoes) for work (and having the money to do so).

12. Passing through ALL green lights on your commute to work or home – or anywhere.

11. Eating the food in your cabinets & having your mom do your laundry… for free… because you live at home.

10. Taking a day off and relaxing.

9. “Working from home” and being able to watch shows such as The OC on Soapnet… in bed.

8. Fridays.

7. Getting a seat on the train (bonus points: getting a seat on the train AND not having to sit next to anyone).

6. Beautiful weather on a weekend day.

5. Hitting NO traffic during your commute home.

4. Getting a call or email from a company you applied to asking you to come in for an interview.

3. Reuniting with college friends that don’t live near you after weeks (or months) apart.

2. Getting an email from your boss on a Friday afternoon telling you to take off early and have a great weekend.



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  1. how about submitting an expense report and realizing you haven’t actually spent any of your own money in over a week because you can write everything off on a biz trip!!! ultimate feeling of joy

    • haha unfortunately, it is rare for a recent grad to travel for work…. and not have to pay for expenses haha… unless its part of your job of course. but yes that would be nice! LUCKY

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