We’ve all been Ed Sheeran.

Just a casual night out with your besties.

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Lets take a pic before we get too drunk.

Ok, just one shot. But, just one. Seriously.

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Girls night! Shooootttts!

So much PDA for your BFF.

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Kissy pic! LYLAS!

No inhibitions. So much confidence.

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Did someone say karaoke???

Deep conversations. So much depth and contemplation of the meaning of life. Probably with a stranger.

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I just really feel like I can open up to you.

Feeling great. Loving life.  Another round!

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This night is the best night ever!!!!

The angry drunk takes over.

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Get off me, bro!

You’re fine. You swear.

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Do we have to leave? I’m not even that drunk, I swear.

Fourth meal. NOW.

Source: Zimbio
Can the Uber stop at Waffle House?

Tired. So tired.

Source: Daily Mail
I’m at the intersection of 14th and… ZZZZZZZZZZZ.ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.




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