Blacking out on Wednesdays and not caring about 1) missing class because you are hungover the next day or 2) going to class hungover.

If you didn’t have an 8am class every day, you didn’t have to worry about getting up that early.

And if you did get up early, you didn’t have to get dressed up for class like you do for work.

Not having to worry about a gym membership.

Being able to go the gym when it isn’t crowded in the morning/afternoon – compared to now when you go after work when everyone else is also there.

Every time you get sick of living at one place, you get to go somewhere else – school, home, school, home, abroad, home, school, etc.

Living within walking distance of all of your friends (or at least the ones you go to school with).

Socializing at the gym with friends; No children at the gym; No sketchy creepers (of course, you may call some students sketchy creepers, but in the real world – real life creepers frequent suburban/city gyms)

Day Drinking.

Being able to skip class (you can’t just skip work).

Asking your parents for money.

Student discounts.

Having time to yourself to do whatever during your day (go to the gym, eat lunch with friends, do work on your own time, watch tv, etc).

Having vacations – fall break, winter break aka a whole month, summer vacation, etc.

Interning – no, we weren’t getting paid but it wasn’t stressful and you actually were in contact with important people – at important places.

Going to the beach (or just laying out) during the week.

Getting exercise from walking to class (uphill, downhill, long distances, etc).

Cheerleading (yeah, I know everyone can’t relate, but I am making this a little personal).

So if you’re in college, enjoy it while it lasts! But don’t think your life will totally SUCK and pretty much end when you graduate & get a full time job. It won’t. The list of reasons why being out of college doesn’t suck will come tomorrow 🙂 BUT still cherish your time in college while you can get money out of your parents, get ins at big companies with internships/co-ops, and constantly hang out with your friends.


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