It’s almost Thanksgiving which means a time to sleep, eat, and above all not go to work!

But wait…it also means you have to travel and see your family...

But you get to return to your hometown and see your old high school buddies.

Until you realize, you hate most of the people you went to school with

But it’s cool, you can hang out with your mom until she gets annoyed with you 

 And tell your aunt how your love life is going.

Until she subtly slips in a reminder that you are in your prime child bearing years

 But luckily once dinner is ready, you have made a new friend 

Which makes it easier  to brush off the comments escaping your Grandmother’s mouth

And attempt to keep it together when your cousin tells you her engagement story

So you decide to move on to dessert

 And the inevitable turkey nap

 And wake up ready for Round 2

With your Grandfather closely watching you pound another plate of food

You finally get frustrated enough and yell that you are young, beautiful, and living in a big city and everyone should back the fuck off.

Which only causes this to start 

But then you realize your family only wants the best for you even when they annoy you…a lot.  You’re still related to all of these weirdos.

And you are definitely one of them



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