We’ve all been there, that moment that few horror movies depict; the moment the check arrives after you’ve just had an amazing meal. So many questions go right through your head. Do you pay? Do they pay? Do we split? Do we go Dutch? Do I fake it? It’s the one moment when we wish we knew the rules and seldom do. So let’s dig right in and see where your next meal is coming from.

Reach For It.


Whether with friends or on a date that is past the number three, it’s always a good idea to politely ‘make the move’. Be it stand up and reach for your back pocket or open up your purse and start moving through it. It could result in you paying or it could not, bottom line it’s the gesture that speaks volume about your character.



You know how in school you had to take pre-algebra before algebra? Well in 2015, it’s more common to be ‘talking’ before the actually dating than it is for you to see an album sell a million copies. So when you finally decide after a billion texts that you’re hitting up the ‘Starbs’ to hang out with your potential-maybe we’ll date-but right now I’m not sure-person, who should pay for the expensive coffee and the scones? I say you pay for your own, if you haven’t decide if you have expectations on the relationships, than don’t expect to pay for or be paid for.

The Movies.


I put this in here because it’s a situation that is becoming more dominant, twenty-somethings are going to the movies more often. We want to see what everyone’s talking about and to eat that popcorn that can’t be made at home. Ideally everyone pays for their own ticket. But when it comes to popcorn, soda and the rest of the cheat day splurge, share and split the bill. It’s bad enough that it’s so expensive, so why not share?



This one’s for the best friends, I’m talking at least two years of friendships. By this point, like most wines your friendship has only become better with age. Which is why I say the ‘treat and be treated’ rule of thumb. This just means to take turns picking up the tab, it shows you care about the friendship and are in it for the long run, regardless if it’s lobster or Taco Tuesday.

First Date.


This is often the most simple to agree upon, the man should always pay for the first date. Gentleman get your wallets ready. Not only does it show he’s financial stable (which is a good sign), it shows class and that you’re going on a date with a guy who is serious about the occasion, which is to pursue a romantic relationship, not a friendship. That being said, if a girl decides to take the first step and ask the guy out, than by all means she can pick up the tab, in this instance though, the guy should make an attempt to pay.



This is when it’s a good time for a girl to pick up the bill. Because by this point in the relationship you’ve been dating for longer than a few months and the sense of partnership will have grown. That being said, it doesn’t have to be big dates either, even paying for the pizza or the wings works, it the thought that counts.  If you’re guy is a firm believer in his gentleman ways, then the best way is to simply beat him to the waiter with your favorite plastic and take of it.



We’ve all seen “The One with Steaks and an Eggplant,” (if you haven’t, then I suggest you run over to Netflix and proceed to binge watch ‘Friends’), and we all have that friend who like Ross, will put out his iPhone (or Galaxy to be politically correct) and start dividing the bill. I, like Rachel have often order a salad when I’ve been on a budget and frankly have never wanted to pay $35.50 for a bowl of lettuce. So to avoid this situation, put on your big kid pants and inform the waiter at the start of the meal that you’ll be paying on separate checks.

Well that’s a lot of eating and a lot of food. Agree on these suggestions? Or have some of your own? Maybe you’ve decided to no longer eat out? Let your wallet be heard and comment away.


Peter Gonzalez is 21 years young and is a firm believer that the successful adult is the kid that never fully grew up. He lives on the Central Coast where the only complaint is that he doesn’t get to hit up the beach as often as he’d like. Peter is currently working on getting from his Liberal Arts degree to his Journalism degree so that he can fulfil his dream of becoming the next Ryan Seacrest/Oprah Winfrey media icon. Until then he is balancing academics while working as Barista, which gives him the opportunity to interact with a variety of people and misspelling a great many names along the way. Peter is fascinated with movies from the 1940’s to the present day, with his top 2 being All about Eve and Rear Window. He also fills up his free time with writing, creating soundtracks, taking photos of everything, Taylor Swift, binge watching and learning to cook like the FoodNetwork, but like everything it’s all a work in progress. You can follow Peter and his thoughts on Twitter @itsmepeterg or on Tumblr at manylittletruths.tumblr.com

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