In honor of Mother’s Day, we are recognizing moms in a slightly different way than you would think. Today we are bringing you the world’s worst moms! Vote in the comments on which mom you think takes the crown for absolute worst mom ever:

The Tanning Mom: She looks like she just baked herself in the oven at 450 degrees for 30 minutes. A legit walking ad for skin cancer. And I don’t care if her 3 year old daughter (or however old she is) actually went tanning. Tanning mom exposed her to it… and basically is letting her know that it is okay to look like you just painted yourself black. Newsflash… it’s not okay.

The Octomom: Okay we get it. You had a bunch of kids without having sex. They have no father. You have no job. No money. No common sense. Basically, you are an idiot and I should not know who you are. But I do… meaning that you are just THAT bad of a mom.

How much money did you get for this? Not enough obviously since you just lost your house...

Casey Anthony: Well… I don’t think there is anything to say here… except MURDERER.

The Breast Feeding Mom: The picture is absolutely disgusting. I mean, come on. This kid is like 4 years old. He has teeth. He does not need to be doing this. This is gross. If you really need someone doing that to you, ask your husband to be around more often. I mean WTF.

Julie Cooper: I know she is a fictional character, but she slept with her daughter’s boyfriend! Multiple times! Who does that? A bad mom… that’s who.

 Dina Lohan: Take one look at Lindsay Lohan and then ask yourself, ‘Where did that thing come from?’ The answer is Dina Lohan. Anyone capable of raising such a high class failure deserves to be nominated for ‘worst mom ever.’ Am I right… or am I right?

Kris Jenner: Oh, Kris. We definitely have a love/hate relationship as your show(s) is like a car crash and when nothing is on and I have a need to watching something (anything) on TV, I somehow always resort to watching you and your family being absolutely ridiculous. I know you’re making your kids money,’ but you’re doing it the wrong way. Teaching them the wrong morals. Also, maybe you aren’t still breast feeding your kids… but let them grow up. They are, like, kind of getting old.

'Let me get a facelift so I can be just as pretty as my daughters...'

Alicia Silverstone: What happened to you Alicia? You used to be, like, so cool (except for the fact you were a virgin who couldn’t drive… but that was SO 1995). Now you name your kids weird things… like Bear Blu (what is he? a salad dressing?)… and you pre-chew his food. Remember joking around about ABC (already been chewed) food in the 2nd grade? Well, Alicia was never kidding apparently.

Are they making out? Or is she feeding him pre-chewed food? ...

Snooki: Yeah, so she’s still a mom-to-be… whatever. She’s still technically a mother to the unborn child in her stomach. She still has to be good to her body/the unborn child before he/she is born to ensure good health. And has she been? I mean, she says she stopped tanning and drinking… but do I believe it? Nahhh. I mean, even if she is being good to her body, she’s not being good to her reputation. For the sake of your child, LEAVE JERSEY SHORE. And your other new show. Get off TV. You’ve already done enough damage to yourself (and your unborn baby). No need to do any more.

If this was my mom, I would crawl back in the womb and never come out.

So what do you think? Who is the worst mom? Vote for your top pick in the comments! Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day!


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  1. Ha i love how you randomly throw in the mom from the OC, but ya the rest sure do make the cut. Vicariously crazy

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