On behalf of MLK Day, I hope you all took some time to remember and honor the man behind the legend. Timeless quotes aside, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a visionary ahead of his time. His courage and belief in the power of equality facilitated our nation’s ability to make it to where we are today. We have leagues left to travel, but there’s no question that he was one of the first to move us in the right direction.

But back to the origin of this post–HIMYM. Although the episode shed zero light on the identity of Ted’s wife (probably because we learned so much vital information last week–the forearm!), it did remind me why I loved the show in the first place. It balanced right on the line between corny romance and hysterical dialogue, just where I like it.

In his pursuit for love, Ted does what any normal person would do after going through heartache, and wastes a week dating someone absolutely wrong for him. The chick’s name is Carly, played by Hannah from Pretty Little Liars, and she’s a 20-year-old hipster who assumes that Ted’s love of books and sweater vests is because he is an old geezer. At several points throughout the episode, she actually references him serving in the Vietnam War (LOLZ). Now around the same time Ted’s common sense tells him to move in the opposite direction of Carly and her vegan smoothie lifestyle, Barney is having a hard time with the fact that he’ll never have a one-night stand again (kind of a condition when you’re engaged). So being the amazing friend he is, Barney expects Ted to help a bro out and proxy bang Carly; living vicariously through Ted’s irrational hook-up is the only way he can experience it (sort of) while remaining faithful to Robin. What a logical way to help two bros in need! Only problem is…Carly just so happens to be Barney’s half sister. Oops, sorry bro. Barney eventually gets over the fact that Ted banged his half sister, and it makes him realize how filthy and undesirable one-night stands are for him now, as an engaged man.

Robin‘s world is turned upside-down when she realizes that the engagement ring Barney gave her not only represents their love and life together, but also makes her feel invisible in New York: the birthplace of cheap compliments and creepy men. She’s so used to being catered to (Can we just talk about perfect it is when HIMYM breaks into an impromptu musical number? Robin even had choreographed dancers backing her up) that she doesn’t know how to survive in a city where things are no longer free or discounted. After one of Lily’s world-renowned pep talks, Robin begins to realize that the idea of free beer shrivels in comparison to the love that her and Barney share. Plus, he’s excellent at fixing a mixed drink.

When Ted shows up to Maclaren’s with a leather wristband, Marshall follows suit because he thinks it’s “bad ass.” Lily is opposed at first; but when slutty, chains-and-whips-fantasy-driven Lily starts to conjure up a background story about the man in the leather wristband (yes, still her husband Marshall), she can’t get enough of it. Playing on the effect that his “badassness” has on her, Marshall keeps up the act and invests in some ass-gripping leather pants and even one of those chains that hangs on belt loops (think punk rock band). The whole charade goes to hell when the leather wristband that started the whole fantasy gives Marshall a nasty rash (I believe there were puss-filled blisters and dead fish smells involved). Lily reassures Marshall that he’s sexy as ever, with or without the wristband/”badass” persona, and he finally takes the damn thing off.

Maybe next week we’ll get more information on the mother and less on Lily’s sexual desires (I seriously feel like I am know the girl). How I Met Your Mother airs every Monday night at 8PM EST on CBS!


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