Spring is a very confused time of year if you live in an area that actually has seasons. I personally, hate seasons and would prefer to skip the shitty ones and have summer all year round (hence me moving to Hawaii, but that’s neither here nor there). There are soooo many struggles that arise during the spring and I feel as though the expecations every year when spring rolls around are set way too high and I’m almost always disappointed.

Where I currently live, Southern Maine, spring merely equals snow attempting to melt, below freezing nightly temps and mud. No pretty flowers, warm 60’s weather or cute flats. Spring in the northeast still requires some sort of riding boot or closed toe shoe. Amongst the ongoing shoe battle there are numerous other struggles that come along during March, April and May – allow me to present to you the #springstruggle.



I already briefly touched on this but I think the BIGGEST struggle in the springtime is in the fashion department. What is realistic acceptable spring attire? It’s very easy to Pintrest “Spring Fashion” on your iPhone and get about 3 million outfit ideas but those outfits are typically completely unrealistic. Spring outfit ideas seen in magazines, on tumblr and online are more like summer outfit ideas for people in the northern areas of the country.  Let’s be serious, nobody in the north east is trying to wear a flowy skirt and crop top when it’s 40 degrees out. But then again here comes the struggle: do I wear tights with my dress? It’s cold but it’s “spring.” When is it no longer okay to wear tights? Mid-march? April? What do I wear for a jacket? Do I wear a jacket? I can’t wear flip-flops yet because my toes will freeze but it’s muddy, flats are a no-go. Rain boots also no longer seem to be in style… #help


I effing hate mud. When I was little I was THAT kid that would casually sit in mud puddles and make mud pies, but that was when I wore overalls and pigtails so clearly my decision-making skills were questionable.  Mud ruins my life. It smells, it ruins the bottom of my mint green pants because I’m short and the bottoms slightly touch the ground, it collects in the crevices of my shoes and then comes into my apartment with me. Like no, it can’t just stay outside where it belongs, it needs to follow me into my house to? WTF! Okay, rant over. But seriously, I hate mud.


#vampirestatus aka #pale

I stopped going tanning a year ago because apparently it’s bad for you and I don’t go spray tanning because I’m broke and it’s expensive. That being said, from about September 30th until June I am pale. But in the winter I don’t notice it that much because everything is covered up. Nobody’s looking at my pale legs because I’m in jeans or tights. But then spring comes around and everyone wants to start wearing cute little dresses and shorts, but I’m over here like a goddamn vampire. Seriously, you can literally see through me.


Is it okay to have your heat on in the spring? And what if it’s hot during the day and cold at night? Can I use my air conditioner during the day and then turn my heat on at night? Is that counter productive. HELP! I feel guilty turning my heat on in the spring. But sometimes it’s just cold and you don’t want to freeze to death. But then some days it’s humid and sticky and I speak for all us girls, nobody wants to get ready in a humid environment. Very quickly everything get’s very stressful. Any suggestions here?



My goal in life is to NEVER be that girl that inappropriately wears flip-flops. My senior year of high school one of the superlatives was “Most Likely to Wear Flip-Flops in 12 Inches of Snow” and I thankfully didn’t win. I simply would have died. I literally wait until I see EVERYONE else wearing flip-flops out and about until I drag mine out of storage. Don’t get me wrong, flip-flops are my life, but they need to be worn appropriately. So here is my struggle, at what point does it become okay to wear flip-flops every day?  Nobody better say March because that is a crock of shit. I typically wait until mid May to debut them but once again, I don’t really know what is appropriate.


Allergies will be the death of me. Nothing is worse than leaking from your nose and eyes at the same time. Gross? Yes. But it happens every year during the spring. Liquid cat-eye liner is next to impossible because it’s dripping down my face within two minutes of being outside. I can’t sleep because my nose is stuffed up on both sides and I probably snore like a 60 year old man. It’s hard to be cute when you are reaching for a tissue every 2 seconds or looking high as a kite because your eyes are so itchy and bloodshot.


Ahhh, okay. Rant officially over. I really needed to get that out because these are the things I think about almost every day. Let me know if you share my struggle. I will probably write another #struggle post soon because I struggle with a lot of things in life. Check out #themorningstruggle if you want to hear me rant about well, my morning struggle!

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