Mary Jane has come far from the days when “stoners” were second class citizens getting high and playing music. Now, many states have legalized the medicinal use of marijuana products, and cannabis is gaining acceptance for its beneficial plant properties, from physical to mental relief.

The increasing acceptance of cannabis and its legalization for medical use has led to many new and interesting products on the market, from weed-infused lube to beauty products.

Yep, folks, they put weed in all kinds of things these days. From your morning coffee at the start of the day to a long soak in bath salts at night, welcome Mary Jane into your daily routine. Some of these products will require a prescription from your doctor, but your privacy will be protected and questions answered.

It’s easy to imagine a weed-infused massage lotion to calm tired muscles, but other products are hard to imagine, even for a cannabis enthusiast. “They put weed in what?” is what you will find yourself saying as you scroll through these 10 creative weed-infused products developed by entrepreneurs.


1. Toothpaste


Get some extra green in your minty-fresh tasting toothpaste with thanks due to AXIM Biotechnologies, who developed Oraximax. You brush twice daily, per usual, and the toothpaste has the typical cleaning and tooth decay prevention qualities. What’s different is the cannabis.

Cannabinoid CBG gives the toothpaste a superpower boost when it comes to existing benefits, with the addition of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. If you’ve gingivitis or chronic pain with your gums and teeth, you may want to talk to your dentist about trying Oraximax. It may also potentially restore some damage due to cavities.


2. Toothpicks

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If there’s toothpaste on the market, there are surely toothpicks out there, too. If you’re guilty of sucking on toothpicks after a tasty meal, then suck away on these MJ-infused Walking Sticks, which will give you a light buzz and help clean your teeth, due to antibacterial properties. To get the most out of them, use for twenty minutes and rotate the toothpick.


3. Lip Balm


After sucking on those toothpicks, your lips will be jealous and want some TLC, too. Smooch your sweetie with this discrete MJ lip balm. Both sexes can use it to tame chapped lips, with indica-based balm to help you chill, or sativa-based balm to give your day a blissful boost.


4. Lube

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Smooches sometimes lead to more loving, and cannabis-infused lubricant will level up your sexy times. Add this lube to your foreplay ritual, as the lube is absorbed into female genitalia with ripples of pleasure. This will increase your chances for a mind-blowing orgasm while reaching new states of relaxation.


5. Lotion


To sooth dry skin or help you relax aching muscles, lotion infused with cannabis is perfect to reduce inflammation and muscle and joint pain. Topical cannabis will also help to improve the elasticity of your skin, while calming skin conditions.

Topical cannabis won’t give you a high, since it’s not absorbed by your bloodstream, but it’s cannabonoids will give you great skin care benefits.


6. Bath Salts


Before you slather on the lotion, take a nice long soak in the tube with weed-infused bath salts. Light some candles, put on your best meditation CD and get your cannabis-chilled soak on. Pretend you’re dipping a toe in ancient baths like a revered river deity.

On days that make you think your achy bones are forecasting end-of-times thunderstorms, take a long soak with weed-infused bath salts.


7. Shampoo and Conditioner


While your rub-a-dubbing in the tub, it’s best to get sparkly clean with delicious herbal smells and cannabis-infused shampoo. Think about those Herbal Essences commercials.

Maybe the secret ingredient to the formula was cannabis inspired. What do you think?

The ingredient in most hair beneficial shampoos is hemp seed oil, which is known to strengthen hair follicles and keep skin moisturized. Follow up with cannabis-infused conditioner for the full cannabis hair care experience.


8. Coffee Pods

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 11.04.37 PM

After a relaxing sleep after a wonderful soak, wake up to cannabis coffee — so much better than Folger’s or Keurig coffee.

Ditch the K-cups and pop your cannabis coffee pods in to brew, instead, and give Fairwinds Manufacturing, the fine purveyors of this brilliance, a shout out.

Your cup of Joe contains Zen and caffeine. What more could you ask for? There’s even decaf for the anti-caffeine folks.


9. Acne Treatment

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Blame it on the coffee, bad diet or genetics, but zits seem to pop up out of sheer spite on a day you’ve important things to do. Zap the zits and reclaim your chill with cannabis-infused acne treatment.

Cannabinol CBD is particularly well known for its rejuvenation and restorative benefits when it comes to acne and skincare, helping to zap zits and soothe dry skin, rashes and scars. CBD will help to clear up your skin and help it keep a youthful appearance.


10. Patch

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Patch up and go with Mary’s Medicinals, with a MJ-infused patch that will give you a buzz that many topical products won’t. Many cannabinoid profiles are available: THC, CBN, CBD and more.

Whether you’re battling anxiety or something else, your patch will gradually release the cannabinoids for a light pick-me-up, while being discrete when you are out and about.




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