Believe it or not, there’s a lot to be thankful for this year for 20-somethings. I was skeptical of this at first. Mostly because I was technically ‘unemployed’ for almost half the year, but I eventually got a job. And yes, Donald Trump is president – but, like, we can ignore that because Thanksgiving isn’t about what you’re NOT thankful for. It’s about what you ARE thankful for. It is literally the most positive holiday ever. But also negative because #WeightGain.

Here are 11 things all 20-somethings should be thankful this year. Happy holiday – and happy black out if you are still young and partying hard tonight. Enjoy the townie bar ~*~*~*~


1. Your college degree.

No matter what stage in your 20s you’re in, if you went to college once upon a time, be thankful that you WENT to college. Many years ago, not everyone went to college. Not that everyone goes to college now, but it is the “norm” to go to college after high school. Most people do, and most take the opportunity for granted. Even if you’re buried in student loans be thankful you could get those student loans. Would you rather be floating around without a college degree, or working your way up the career ladder while paying off student loans? Yeah, that’s what I thought… Although ‘floating around’ does sound like a lot of fun…


2. Social media.

Facebook can definitely get annoying, whether you use it for work, play, or both. But tbh, without Facebook, our lives would be very different. Before Facebook, people had trouble staying in touch during college and after. So although we know everything about everyone now – and Facebook knows everything about us – be grateful it exists, because your social life would be way less exciting without it. Even if you don’t use Facebook, it paved the way for Instagram, Snapchat, and even that vsco thing high school students have in their Instagram profile (god, I am SO OLD). As for me, social media gave me a career, so like hey thanks Mark Zuckerberg. This year, I’m thankful for you.


3. Coffee.

If you don’t like coffee, get. out. of. here. Just kidding, you’re fine. But, like, how do you exist? Coffee seriously has saved my life numerous times. Back in the day, when I used to have to go to work at 3am = coffee. When I was hungover as fuck and had to work = coffee. When I wasn’t hungover, but I was old and I didn’t feel like adulting = coffee. When I was about to roll to the bar at 28, but I was too tired to stay out until 10pm = coffee. Coffee is the real MVP, guys. Coffee 2020.


4. Uber.

Okay, younger 20-somethings. You literally have no idea what going out was like before Uber. You had to either get a cab, which always fucking sucked, or someone had to drive – and that someone rarely stayed sober. Do people even drive drunk anymore?! Did Uber solve the drunk driving problem?! But seriously. Even my teenage brother takes Uber around my hometown. But back to the part about no more cabs, my friends and I used to struggle to get cabs after nights out and would end up walking miles until we finally spotted an open cab that would drive us home. There were even times cabs refused to drive me home because they didn’t feel like going in that direction. Well, guess what? Uber HAS to drive you where you want to go. Uber has solved a lot of fucking problems, so actually, sorry Mark, but I might be more thankful for Uber this year.


5. Dating apps.

I have been in a relationship so fucking long that I have never actually used a dating app. There was a 3-day period where I was “on a break” and went on Tinder, but that was a long time ago, and nothing came out of it. However, single 20-somethings and 20-somethings who might become single in the near future, but don’t know it yet (could be any of us, right?), should be thankful dating apps exist because no longer are there just “more fish in the sea,” there are all sorts of fucking fish literally everywhere, and you don’t have to leave your couch to find them. Technology is great.


6. Spotify.

Can we talk about what life was like before you could stream music to your computer? IT SUCKED. You had to download the most fucking sketchy software (Limewire, Kazaa, Napster) or download music from sketchy websites (YouTube to mp3?!?! Frat music?!?!?! Fresh tracks?!?!?!?!). Sure it was free, but it was sketchy and full of viruses. Of course, I got over the sketchiness eventually and used to blow lots of money buying individual songs and full albums on iTunes, but now I pay $10 a month and I can stream all the music I want to Spotify. There are even ways to discover new music, which was a whole process before Spotify. Wow, life is so much easier now. Yup.


7. Yoga pants.

Man or woman, you cannot deny the power of yoga pants. They are comfortable. They are great for working out. They come in fun patterns. They look good on most people (but why should anyone care what they look like when they are COMFORTABLE AF, RIGHT?). They are the best. Pants suck. Jeans are awful. Dresses cannot be worn all year round. And unfortunately, it is not okay to go out in public with no pants on. Yoga pants tho? They got you covered, literally.


8. Alcohol.

Wine, vodka sodas, margaritas, sangria, craft beer, cider, THE LIST GOES ON. Imagine a life without alcohol. Not even just life for 20-somethings. There would be nothing to do on weekend nights. There would be no day drinking. There would be no wineries. Or breweries. Or something to calm your nerves at awkward networking events… and weddings… and first dates. Oh, and there would no champagne. WHAT KIND OF FUCKING LIFE IS THIS? Seriously, be thankful – the MOST thankful – alcohol exists. Without it, we would all be so… sober. Gross.


9. Netflix.

What did we do before Netflix and other streaming services? Like, we waited to watch episodes of TV each each week? We couldn’t binge watch stuff all at once? We had to physically GO to a store when we wanted to watch a movie? This life sounds awful. This life was only a few years ago. Be thankful for Netflix. It made being lazy even EASIER. I didn’t even know that was possible.


10. Friends.

Not the TV show. Like, your friends. You know, those people you still keep in touch with thanks to social media and texting and group chats and e-vites. The best part about your friends is that each year as you progress through your 20s, your friends become closer. I mean, yes, some ‘friends’ will drift away, but if that happens, they probably weren’t the greatest friends for you to begin with. Although, friends who make comebacks are always cool. Actually, all friends are cool. Here’s to forever friends, drifting friends, comeback friends, old friends, and new friends. Forever thankful for all y’all. Except for the fact that most of you let me make an ass out of myself at many bars and parties for the majority of my early 20s. I forgive you, I guess.


11. Family.

Of course, a list about things you should be thankful for would not be complete without family. As you get older, you realize that the only real constant in life is family. My period comes at a different time every month, but somehow my family has remained the same. Be thankful for your family, no matter the relationship you have with them. When everything else changes in your life, your family will always be your family, and that’s a comforting thing to know – especially for 20-somethings whose lives are changing at lightning speed.


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