This Sunday, in less than a week, ‘Girls’ will come to an end. After six seasons, the show about 20-somethings that was on for the majority of my 20s will come to a close, kind of alongside my 20s. WAH. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN. HOW DID WE GET HERE.

I remember when I first heard about Lena Dunham in 2012. This website had been going strong for about a year and my #endgame was to write a show about 20-something ladies. I was pissed that Lena stole my thunder. Who did she think she was! I was the voice of my/a generation! Not her! She wore clothes that didn’t fit! Wait, so did I! I’m not sure where this paragraph is going so I’m going to end it!

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this show since I saw the first episode. I kind of related to it, but I also didn’t. It was nothing like my 20s, and I couldn’t get over the fact that the characters didn’t work. But I knew the whole time it was an exaggeration of average millennials. And I got it.

Now that the show is ending, I am realizing that I cared a lot more about these characters than I thought. Like, these people are going to the place where characters go when people stop writing words for them, AND I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS. Here are 50 questions ‘Girls’ need to answer before the show ends next weekend.


1. Are Jessa and Adam still together?

2. What happened with their movie?

3. Will they last?

4. Will Jessa get a job?

5. Will Adam become famous?

6. Will they move out of the city, too, like Hannah?

7. Is Hannah really out of NYC forever?

8. Does peak adulthood happen when you ‘leave a city?’

9. Like, is Shosh going to leave the city?

10. Is Marnie going to leave the city?

11. Is Marnie ever going to get a job to leave or stay in the city for?

12. Or is Marnie going to find a man to pay for her lifestyle that isn’t a drug addict?

13. Will she finally be able to tell when people are high?

14. And what about her music career – is it finally over?

15. But real talk – how is she affording to live right now?

16. What about Ray and Aidy Bryant?

17. Did they ride a carousel and then live happily ever after?

18. Why wasn’t Ray at Shosh’s engagement party?

19. Are they no longer friends?

20. Did Shosh actually stop talking to everyone forever?

21. Does she at least stay in touch with Jessa?

22. Does Marnie ever become friends with Jessa or Shosh again?

23. Are Hannah and Jessa friends again, or did we see them speak for the last time?

24. If they DO become friends again, does Hannah become friends with Adam?

25. Do Marnie and Jessa stop talking forever?

26. And are Hannah, Marnie, and Jessa not friends with Ray anymore either?

27. Back to where Ray is – Is he busy building an empire of coffee chains?

28. Will he end up leaving the city like Hannah? (lol, no)

29. Is Hannah going to not get fired at her new job?

30. Will this be the job that forces Hannah to adult?

31. Is Hannah going to meet friends wherever she’s going ‘upstate?’

32. Is Hannah going to meet men to date wherever she’s going ‘upstate?’

33. Is Hannah’s mom going to move in with her to help her raise the baby?

34. Or is she going to raise this baby literally alone?

35. Is she even going to keep the baby?

36. Is Surfing Dude going to decide he wants to be in the babies life or is he actually out for good?

37. Why did Hannah decide not to co-parent with Elijah?

38. What’s going to happen to Elijah?

39. Does he become famous?

40. Does he find a man?

41. And what about Hannah’s dad?

42. Does he get married?

43. Will we see winter during the last episode of ‘Girls?’

44. What about spring?

45. Maybe fall?

46. Will Hannah start dressing like a normal person? (remember when she went into Intermix that one time? that was cool)

47. What will happen during the last scene of ‘Girls?’

48. Will I cry?

49. Or should I prepare for it to go out on a super cliche note of Hannah publishing a book titled ‘Girls?’

50. Will we maybe hear a passage of the book and finally know for sure whether or not Hannah is actually talented? Because WE NEED TO KNOW.


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