I thought I would dive into some things I “hate” (hate is a strong word – I really just dislike these things).

I dislike public bathrooms more than anything else. Here is why:

1. Sometimes people don’t flush the toilet.

2. Sometimes there is pee on the seat.

3. I can’t squat – and you really shouldn’t have to all day long (even though it’s a good workout)

4. I always clean the seat off with toilet paper, but you can’t sit on the toilet paper or else it sticks to you… so you have to put it in the toilet.

5. You have no idea who sat there last… and regardless of if you sit on the seat or squat, you are getting just as much of the last person’s germs.

6. No one likes when they go into the bathroom and they can hear people peeing – or worse – the other thing people do in the bathroom… BUT people hate when they are going to the bathroom and people are also in the bathroom, listening.

7. Someone is always sitting in their stall waiting for you to leave before they go to the bathroom.

8. I hate when people have friendly conversations in the bathroom or stand there doing their hair in front of the mirror while you are going to the bathroom.

9. You watch people not wash their hands and just walk out of the bathroom going about their daily business, touching things you touch.

10. Sometimes the lock on the stall doesn’t work and you awkwardly have to pull the door towards you so it shuts as you go to the bathroom (if a friend is there, they can hold it for you) (also, I have a friend who had a child crawl under the stall she was in and watch her pee once – you can’t avoid that).

You can never win in public bathrooms. I wish they were all one person bathrooms… except at bars… because that line would suck.


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