iPods, Tamagotchis, Game Boys, Dance Dance Revolution, anything related to the Wii, Skip Its (active!), Harry Potter stuff (#learning), The O.C. series on DVD (I still own and used this for many years – money not wasted), and ALMOST any book and DVD. Entertainment good, expensive useless stuff bad.

Now that I am an almost-adult, or maybe I am actually an adult, idk, I am actually sorry my parents spent so much money on stupid things for me during my youth. Like I actually feel bad.

Please let this article serve as an apology for all the stupid stuff our parents spent their money on in the 90s and 2000s. Here are 28 things that were a totalllllll waste of money, but we NEEDED to have anyway.


1. Expensive tank tops that looked exactly like inexpensive tank tops.


Why were they expensive? Because they had a logo in very small print in a corner somewhere that no one could see, duh!!!!!!!


2. Juicy couture sweatsuits.


Everyone had them, so I asked for a Juicy romper from Bloomingdales instead. And oh let me tell you, I looked like an ASSHOLE in this romper.


3. Beanie babies.


Especially Princess Diana. She was SO. EXPENSIVE. And what did I get from having her stored in a glass box on my desk in my bedroom? Nothing. NOTHING. There was no Snapchat, no Instagram. Literally no one knew I had her, except me. What was the point?


4. Abercrombie and Fitch jeans.


Especially the jeans that had writing on them. Those were more expensive. I had a pair that was covered in text. But whyyyyyyyy


5. All those graphic t’s from Hollister.


They were so small.


6. Tight polos that didn’t fit right for most people from Lacoste, Abercrombie, Polo, wherever.


The y2k aesthetic was a preppy aesthetic. I would not be opposed to bringing this back, but can the polos … fit?


7. Victoria’s Secret underwear.


Why were we so obsessed with these? It’s not like anyone was seeing my fucking underwear. Believe me.


8. Skirts and shorts that were too short to be worn to school.


Needs more pockets.


9. Those Bebe logo shirts.


I don’t know if you’ve heard, but they’re being sold in stores again.


10. French Connection shirts.


Why? Because it was funny that it was FCUK, which was like fuck but not. LOL THE MEMORIES.


11. Britney Spears’ perfume.



12. Von Dutch hats.


These are also back.


13. That clear phone with the exposed wiring for when you *finally* got a phone in your room.



14. Inflatable furniture.




15. All of the fucking weird ass outfits and accessories for American Girl Dolls.


I think my mom actually liked dressing the dolls more than me, so maybe this wasn’t wasting money for her, idk. Also are we still doing this because I want to dress these dolls now hahahahha we’ve come full circle.


16. Furbies.


Straight up waste of money, unlike tamagotchis. Why, you ask? Because at least a Tamagotchi had a purpose. You had to keep it alive. Furbies were just weird and taught us nothing except how easy it was to convince our parents to waste their money on us. They were also plotting our death literally the whole time. Just look at them.


17. A subscription to Nickelodeon magazine.


#tbt to the Angry Beavers being new.


18. Zebra highlights.


Getting your hair colored is expensive. This ‘do should have been negative dollars.


19. Straighteners, even though my hair was already straight.



20. Lava lamps.



21. All of the replaced digital cameras because they kept getting lost or broken.


22. Ugly and/or trendy designer bags.


Kim Kardashian was a walking talking waste of money in the 2000s. That tan. That basic white tank top. That juicy suit. That Louis Vuitton bag. That other bag. At least she looked good. I did not pull off this look very well.


23. The Simple Life series on DVDs.


Most other DVDs were not a waste of money because Netflix didn’t exist and we had to be entertained. But if you paid money to own this on DVD, you wasted your money. Seriously.


24. Razr phones and the *hottest* Nextels.


A cheap phone would have been fine, I guess, but these were must-haves.


25. Tiffany’s jewelry.



26. These Steve Madden shoes.



27. Ugly boots – I mean Ugg boots, and I’m sorry because I know we’re wearing them again (me included!!! we love comfort!!!)

Hayden Panettiere


28. The worst by far: Yeti boots.


Brb screaming.


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  1. Love this list. But I’ll never stop wearing ugg boots. Well, at least not until they invent some other kind of footwear that feels like a slipper and is socially acceptable in public settings.

    • Oh also, I had no idea ugg boots weren’t cool any more until I was wearing them the other day and Brendan says to me “aren’t ugg boots out of style now?”. Yeah, embarrassing. When not living on a college campus I have no idea what to wear apparently.

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