Moving to a new city isn’t easy, so if you’ve taken the plunge, we applaud you! Whether you just moved to a new city, or you moved to your current city a while ago, here are 19 things that most likely have (or will) happen to you.

1. You get lost all the time.


2. You realize how much you have to learn to fit in with the locals so you don’t get mistaken for someone visiting on vacation.


3. You immediately find the closest IKEA and go crazy buying apartment essentials that will take 3 frustrating hours and 10 arguments to assemble.


4. You have a million people who want to keep up with you and hear about your new apartment/what you’re doing/ your new job because suddenly your life is really interesting.


5. You are constantly relying on your phone’s GPS and Google Maps to get around and are therefore continuously going over your monthly data.


6. You reach out to the one distant relative of a friend of a friend just because you want some advice and they are the only people you “know” in the area.


7. You compare everything to your old city.


8. You do a lot of things alone and end up texting your friends to feel less awkward.


9. You struggle with experimenting to find the most efficient route to work while still getting there on time.

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10. You are overwhelmed by the amount of restaurants you want to try out and places you want to visit.


11. You glamorize your old city and forget about everything you hated now that you moved and no longer live there.


12. You find yourself ridiculously interested in home décor stores because your apartment is a work in progress.


13. You feel like you are on vacation and are waiting for it to hit you that this is permanent.


14. You try to look decent even if you’re just running to the food store in case you meet someone who might want to be your new friend.


15. You can’t stop researching on Yelp/FourSquare/Google Maps to help you make your decisions for the best everything in the area. Finding a new eyebrow lady is essential and should not be taken lightly.


16. You miss your favorite food from back home and have an unnatural fear that no food will ever fill your stomach like it does.


17. You want a routine but your life is in complete chaos.


18. You want to go out and meet people but you are exhausted from unpacking and settling in.


19. You can’t wait until you really feel like you belong and can call your new city home.



Kaitlyn is a twenty-something with zero tolerance for boredom. When she isn't working or working out, she is planning her next adventure and hanging out with friends. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram at @kaitvad.

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  1. I’m loving all the moving articles. Next summer I’ll be moving to a new city (hopefully) 8 hours away. And I’m excited and nervous. I hope I find a job and be able to transfer to a different college.

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