– When people eat loudly at their desk. Of course, this is okay when you do it. But when anyone else does it, no thanks. Please starve yourself instead.

– Pointless meetings where you have no idea what anyone is talking about and all you can think about is all the work you have to get done when you leave the meeting.

– When someone stands over your shoulder not saying anything for a few seconds (or minutes) before walking away. Just, like, leave me alone.

'Whatcha doin?'

– When people play music you don’t like out loud. Not everyone enjoys and listens to the same type of music, so what right do you have to play your annoying, weird shit out loud? None… but you do it anyway.

– When someone exclaims something out loud from their cubicle and expects you to respond and ask ‘what?’ even though you cannot see them and you don’t care.

– Staying late when you have plans. Ever notice when you actually want to stay late, you have no reason to?

– When someone comes over to your desk and starts to talk to you when you’re clearly busy. Like me staring at the computer screen and nodding doesn’t scream ‘I DON’T CARE?‘ Get a clue.

– All day meetings with no free lunch. If you’re going to make us sit here all day in an uncomfortable, now smelly conference room, the least you can do is provide food. And make sure it’s food I actually like.


– When someone tells you what to do when you already know what to do. Do you look like an idiot? No.

– Seeing your boss in the parking lot when you’re already late and trying to beat him or her inside. This also sucks after work. You’re in a ‘free-from-work’ mode. No need to continue the work day in the parking lot. Get me the fuck home.


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  1. I can relate to EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THESE. THINGS.

    – I also hate when people eat smelly food at their desk.

    – I also hate when I’m on the phone (for work) and my boss stands next to me until I hang up.

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