Let’s face it, we all end up in a relationship at some point where we feel like we are literally dating ourselves since our S/O is MIA. So we evidently ask ourselves: “Is this even worth it anymore?” After a bit of soul-searching, a few heartbreaking cries, tubs of Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia, and a few talks with good friends we try to figure our stuff out. In the end, it seems no matter how many situations any of us go through we all end up with this universal question: When is enough enough and time to wave the white flag in surrender?

Sure we don’t have an answer based in facts, and we too have been on the same side as you at some point, but here are our top 10 signs that you should acknowledge that it’s probably time to stop fighting and start living. Since at the end of the day, your well being is worth more than any type of love especially if you are being taken for granted.

1. When you start to have text conversations…with yourself.















2. When you’re not really sure if that new girl they’re hanging with is just a friend.


3. When your friends are telling you that they think you need a break.

giphy (3)

4. When you’ve basically said you’re done 2000 times every time they hurt you, but forgive them anyway.


5.  When you don’t feel like anything you do is good enough, when it most definitely is.


6. When you feel super happy with all of the time except when they pull the same shit over and over again and it makes you cry.


7. When you feel like getting a phone call from them is the equivalent to finding a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s Factory.

giphy (4)

8. When you need support but they seem to disappear at that moment and you’re all like, where did you go?


9. When they try to tell you that your issues are all in your head and/or that you are crazy.


10. When all you’ve been trying to do is break through their wall so you can both feel the same pain and sadness.


Sure being in love is great and having someone special in your life is the best feeling in the world, but at the end of the day a true relationship is one where all your commitments/hard-work is returned-without having to ask or beg. Don’t worry though girl, you’re going to be just fine. Put on a tough face, cry it out over some Wilco, and make sure to take care of yourself.


Alivia has a love of traveling, snacking religiously on sweets, and hanging with her cat (aka #1 BFF) in her spare time.

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  1. Heartbroken Reply

    Wow, thanks so much for this article. I finally broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years just last week, and really needed to hear this. I’ve been having doubts about whether it was the right decision, but reading this just made me so much more sure for myself.
    I laughed seeing that text conversation with yourself. It’s so true!! And when he does finally call or text, it really does feel like a miracle. It’s so ridiculous, right? Can’t believe I thought that was a healthy relationship!
    Thank you for making me realise how much better I deserve.

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