Here’s a new one for all yall TBT lovahs. Every Thursday I will now grace you with the first 10 randomly awesome throwback songs I find while shuffling through my extensive iTunes library. Enjoy, bitches.

1. Turn My Swag On Remix – Soulja Boy ft. Lil Wayne

We’re taking it back to 2009 (okay, so like not that far) with this one. Turn My Swag On was basically my favorite song throughout the majority of 2009 and Weezy was basically my favorite rapper so this remix was a dream come true. SING IT.

2. You Ruined Me – JC Chasez

At one point, JC from Nsync tried to have a solo career. It was 2007 and this song could be heard being sung from dorm room. Okay, JK. But I did sometimes sing the ballad while alone in my car at night. It was good.

3. Smile – Vitamin C

Vitamin C sang something other than the graduation song?! That she did my friends. It was Smile, her debut single. And it was kinda good/kinda bad. Classic late 90s.

4. Leave – JoJo

In 2004, JoJo wanted you to leave (get out)… right now. AND IT WAS A HIT.

5. One Time – Justin Bieber

So much can change in FOUR YEARS. And yes, I’m talking about Bieber’s voice. THE BIEBS REALLY DID GROW UP. He used to be SO PRECIOUS. Now he’s a rappin and a partyin’ with his pants saggin’ lowwwww. I miss this Biebs. I guess it was a ‘one time’ thing though (hehe).

6. Get Over it – OK Go

Get get get get get over it. Sry.

7. Walk Through Hell – Say Anything

There should really be a mix CD titled ‘Emo Anthems.’ It would really capture my high school self’s deepest interests.

8. School Spirit – Kanye West

Oh chyeahhhh, remember when Kanye grew up in the suburbs and went to college and then made an album about dropping out of college? AT LEAST YOU GOT TO GO TO COLLEGE, said every black rapper from the 90s. Anyway, so many frats named in this song… I don’t even know what it means but… I LOVE IT.

9. Pony – Ginuwine

This has always been a fave, but Channing Tatum stripping while riding a stick pony to this song has made it even better. But seriously — that stick pony scene in Magic Mike has to be the best scene from a movie ever, right?

10. Cookie Jar – Gym Class Heroes

Fall of Junior Year. That is all. Miss you, college <3.


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