Today is the day. You have decided to mix up your fitness routine (or get started on a routine) and are trying out a new fitness class. But the struggle is real. Inevitably, your train of thought will go a little something like this as you sweat your way through the first class.



  1. This is going to be great!
  2. I am so excited!
  3. I am going to be so fit!
  4. Everyone is so friendly here.
  5. $99 for a month of unlimited classes?! What a great deal!
  6. I can’t wait to come every day!
  7. Why did I do this?
  8. Put me back in my comfort zone.
  9. I want to be on the couch.
  10. Why do I even need to work out?
  11. I look out of place.
  12. I am going to hide here in the back corner of the room.
  13. Why is everyone best friends already?
  14. Wait and why is everyone dressed the same?
  15. I really should upgrade my workout clothes.
  16. I should have just gone to the regular gym and been antisocial.
  17. I wish I could put my headphones on.
  18. This instructor looks so intense and fit.
  19. I want to be her.
  20. I want to be her best friend.
  21. Oh we’re starting…
  22. No backing out now…
  23. All these mirrors are just emphasizing my struggle.
  24. Is everyone staring at me?
  25. I look so uncoordinated.
  26. How did everyone else know what we were doing next?
  27. Why am I the sweatiest one here?
  28. Yikes, this is even harder than I thought.
  29. How much time has passed?
  30. How much time is left?
  31. Am I going to make it to the end of class?
  32. I got a shoutout – I must be doing something right!
  33. I feel the burn!
  34. I think I am getting the hang of this…
  35. Omg I look like a pro right now!
  36. Wait I lost it. I’m back to being confused and uncoordinated.
  37. Could I be any sweaty-er right now?
  38. It’s winding down…
  39. The end is near.
  40. I think I survived…
  41. I survived! I did it!
  42. I am amazing!
  43. Okay, maybe I will come back for another class.
  44. How does my butt look?
  45. Do I have six pack abs yet?
  46. I feel so skinny!
  47. I’m absolutely starving…
  48. I can’t wait to eat a giant burger as a reward for coming to class!
  49. Maybe I will have some ice cream later too…
  50. Oh god, I swear I’m already getting sore.



Kaitlyn is a twenty-something with zero tolerance for boredom. When she isn't working or working out, she is planning her next adventure and hanging out with friends. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram at @kaitvad.

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