If you’ve ever searched for a house (RIP living in a cheap, college town) or an apartment to rent then you know how ANNOYING and aggravating it can be to deal with realtors (never mind conduct the apartment search itself online).

They call you when you’re busy. They call you again when you’re busy. And then they keep calling you to the point where you’re never going to respond because their voice has become quite possibly the most annoying thing in the world.

In addition to this, when you do find a realtor who is slightly calm and emails you instead of filling your voicemail, they go ahead and ruin their awesome streak by showing you apartments that do not have all of your requirements. They waste your time taking you to see basement level apartments when you specifically said you aren’t interested in basement level apartments. They show you apartments well above your price range even though you told them the max you can spend. I’m sorry, realtor man, but if I tell you I can’t afford more than $900 a month, chances are I CANNOT AFFORD MORE THAN $900 A MONTH. Your ‘good looks,’ nice car, and smooth talking are not going to change my salary or the amount of money in my savings account. Sorry.

The worst of it all is when a realtor takes you out on a showing and the first thing that comes out of his or her mouth is ‘The apartment we were supposed to see today JUST got signed… like 5 minutes ago… but it’s okay. I have similar listings that you’ll love!‘ Chances are, you’re not going to love these listings. And chances are the apartment you loved at first was never really available. So now, you’re going to dislike them even more because you’re pissed that this dumb realtor lied to you. You specifically went on this showing to see the apartment they told you that you were going to see. So where is it? Huh… HUH?

I know there are tons of apartments out there… and I know you’re just trying to do your job as a realtor and sell the most expensive apartments you can to make the most commission money you can. You love that awful realtor’s fee, don’t you?? But really, when working with people, try to listen and/or read what your client tells you they want. In my emails, I spell it out for you… And if you don’t have anything that fits my criteria, don’t waste my time. Flat out tell me ‘We don’t have anything right now.’ Or flat out tell me, ‘We’ll never have anything like that in your price range.’ Because then I will know I either have to change my criteria or move back home (sigh). Sending me pictures of apartments that are $200 above my price range… or ignoring my emails… is not going to cut it.

I’m sure not every realtor out there is like this. Especially the older, more experienced ones who work with real adults with real money looking for real houses. But for us twenty somethings, we’re not exactly what you call ‘real’ yet. We’re broke. And we’re looking to rent the best apartment we can for the least amount of money. We certainly don’t have the time to speak to you on the phone every day (especially when we’re at work)… And we definitely don’t have the time to go see apartments that are the exact opposite of what we want. We’re busy. And I’m sure you are too. So, please, stop wasting my time and yours and show me what I want to see – or show me nothing at all.


Angry Apartment Hunter


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  1. I am going through this right now too. It is the most frustrating thing in the world! Please stop showing me units without a washer and dryer that costs MORE THAN the unit that I found on my own WITH the washer and dryer. OR I specifically tell you I don’t want a ground floor and you keep sending me links to ground floors units. What part of BALCONY and SAFETY do you not understand? Yep, that’s my life right now, lol!

    Let me know if you find a way to battle this endless battle. My fiance and I have basically given up. Well I have at least, he doesn’t really care. He’d probably move into a heated garage if it had a shower.

    – Another Angry Apartment Hunter

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