We all heard about Nina Pham’s story, a formerly ebola victim, but on October 23rd, ebola hit New York City. Not being fully aware of the news outbreak, I relied on my number one resource: Google. The first (and only, as of now) victim of this viral virus is Dr. Craig Spencer. He was immediately rushed to a hospital in the City and isolated from other patients. Earlier this week a 5-Year-Old was suspected of being the second victim, and tested negative. Phew! 

I hope I am not the only one who is generally a calm about health scares, freaked out this time. Below are the series of thoughts that came into my head when my family, friends and of course, Google confirmed that ebola is in New York City:

  1. NYC has 99 problems, and ebola is one. Great. Why. Like why.
  2. How does ebola happen? I can’t get it sitting on the subway right? I know I can’t, but I am just going stand.
  3. *On phone with Mom* Yes, Mom, I’ll be careful. Don’t worry, I cannot catch ebola. I’m not worried. *Hangs up phone* HOLY SHIT THIS IS SCARY. Take extra precautions, Chary.
  4. I just got a major paper cut – please, please don’t get infected.
  5. Must avoid the news and social media at all costs about ebola. No wait, I need to be updated – what if there will be more people infected by end of week?
  6. Seriously, what is happening with the World? Are we all going to die? I mean, yeah that is inevitable, but please not now. I haven’t gotten my life together yet!
  7. Dude, are you freaking out as much as I am?!!!! How can you not?!
  8. No, seriously, can you all shut up about the whole ebola thing. I am over it.
  9. I don’t understand why the Government cannot stop all flights coming in to the United States. Don’t they have that power? (Can we pretend it is some National Holiday and everyone at the airport gets the day off? Is that asking for too much?)


Although my inner monologues may be sarcastic or over-the-top, there’s a hint of seriousness in every thought. With my curious mind, and the addiction of knowledge and reading, I cannot not read and watch what the media has to say about about this large epidemic disease. I am sure my fellow New Yorkers are just as scared or a little worried as much as I am, but I guess I’m more vocal and willing to display myself, haha.


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