Life is great for most single men in their early twenties. The opportunities to meet women are all over the place, the responsibility is low, and often times the biggest decision made over the course of a weekend is Bud or Miller.

The late twenties are when single life becomes a little tougher. Partying all night just to make out with a random girl is no longer satisfying. Life reaches a point, where, dare I say it, men want something more meaningful. We want to settle down, date one woman, and possibly even start a family.

This is where life becomes difficult. The days of acting like a drunk fool and still finding success are over.

Women are more sophisticated, pickier, and have higher standards as they grow older. Their biological clock is ticking and they want to make sure they don’t waste the best years of their lives with the wrong man.

In order to find a girlfriend in the latter twenties, certain mistakes must be avoided. Let’s take a look at three qualities women absolutely hate about single men:

1. Becoming a complete pushover.

Many men seeking girlfriends incorrectly operate under the assumption that they can make women more attracted to them by acting extremely nice. They attempt to impress these women by letting them make every decision and controlling all the shots. They ask women where they want to eat every date. What movie they want to see. What night of the week they want to hang out. Etc.

It’s okay to get input and then make an informed decision. It’s not okay to have women make a decision every time. This doesn’t attract women. It marks us as weak men who are pushovers and don’t have a mind of our own. We don’t have to dominate or act overbearing, but we do need to show that we have the ability to take charge and act like men. At the end of the day, all women want a chase. If we are no challenge and bow to their every whim, they will get bored fast.

2. Moving too fast.

Sometimes the best strategy towards finding a girlfriend is to do the complete opposite of what our instincts are telling us. Many men meet women and instantly know that they want to make this person into their girlfriend. They start calling just about every day, send text messages way too often, and attempt to arrange too many dates, too fast.

The problem is, once women start feeling a lot of pressure, they begin to back off. This is because when we move too fast, they know they have a big decision to make. Instead of letting the potential relationship unfold naturally, this kind of behavior will scare these women off and cause them to run away.

No matter how much you like a girl early on, fight the instinct to come on too strong, too soon. Even though some girls will not be bothered by this, more often than not, they will. It is simply not worth the risk.

3. A failure to understand attraction.

Countless men act in ways that are counter-productive to building attraction. Even worse, they assume looks are the foundation of what makes women attracted to men.

This is dead wrong.

While men focus mostly on looks, women are mainly attracted to men based on their internal qualities. Any man can look presentable by putting together the right wardrobe and grooming habits. As long as these are acceptable, what really attracts women are qualities such as humor, self-confidence, showing value, appearing in demand etc.

It is important to understand that attraction is not something that people logically think about. When men see a pretty face and curvy body, we feel an attraction. We don’t sit around thinking about why, we just know we do. This is what happens to women when they see men with the right internal characteristics.

So work on making yourself the interesting guy that women can’t resist being around. Let your personality shine. Allow yourself to become the man on that date that women are trying to win the approval of, and not the other way around. Clingy, overly nice, and needy men finish last. Those who understand attraction and become men that women want to chase, finish on top. And this has little to do with looks.

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