1. Eric Stonestreet in Almost Famous

When I saw Modern Family’s Cam playing Sheldon the Desk Clerk in this movie the other week, I couldn’t believe it. That was the inspiration for this post… if you were wondering.

2. Jason Segel in Can’t Hardly Wait

He was dubbed ‘watermelon guy.’ Classic.

3. Seth Rogen in Donnie Darko

I haven’t watched this emo-kid classic in a few years… but I need to watch it again ASAP to see the gem that is Seth Rogen in it.

4. Sara Rue in Can’t Hardly Wait

Hello, ‘Earth Girl.’

5. Rainn Wilson in Almost Famous

This guy belongs behind a desk.

6. Jessica Alba in Never Been Kissed

She played the hot betch Kirsten. Who knew?!

7. Vince Vaughn in Rudy

Ugh, a good looking Vince Vaughn. Sexy, can I?

…and here’s another because ummm, young Vince and I = soul mates.

8. Bradley Cooper in Wet Hot American Summer

I’ve never seen this movie. I just think he looks hilar. I am also madly in love with Bradley (but really I am — I didn’t just say that because it rhymed).

…Oh and he was also ‘Jake’ on a 1999 episode of Sex and the City. Love.

9. Tate Donovan in Hercules

Yes, this was a cartoon. He just happened to play the voice of Hercules. That’s right, my friends. Jimmy Cooper was Hercules.

10. Jon Hamm in Gilmore Girls

I would never have known this at the time — and I don’t intend to watch an episode of Gilmore Girls ever again to see for myself — but Jon Hamm was once in an episode.

11. Ryan Gosling in Are You Afraid of the Dark

Hey girl. Keep watching me and I promise you won’t be afraid of the dark anymore.’ -Young Ryan Gosling. Is it weird that I think I remember this episode?

Anddddd later he was in Remember The Titans, which I think everyone knows… but if not…

12. Kevin Dillon in Platoon

Johnnnnnnnnnny Drama.

13. Leonardo DiCaprio in Growing Pains.

So what if he was the star? This picture is too adorable not to share.

14. Scarlett Johansson in Home Alone 3

I’ll never get the ScarJo obsession… but whatever.

15. James Franco in Never Been Kissed

Of course he was a casual popular jock.

16. Natalie Portman in Mars Attacks!

Ummmm, this is all I will say:

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  1. Oh my God! I never put it together that Jason Segel was the watermelon guy! And I’ve probably watched Can’t Hardly Wait at least five dozen times.

    Love Never Been Kissed- even just the pics put a smile on my face.

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