Jazz “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”

Persistency and determination that he will one day, in fact, not only finally get with Hillary but that he will leave the Banks residency WALKING through a door.  God bless him.  You don’t always understand him or know what he actually does or for that matter did they ever talk about HOW Jazz got to Bel-Air?  Anyway, Jazz is the homeboy we all need our life who is along for the ride and always looking for some hunnies.  Also need I say more than Jazz and Will’s amazing best friend handshake?  Amazing.

Val Toriello “The Nanny

When you have a tacky friend like Fran Fine, you better be just as tacky as her.  Their friendship is full of feathers, pleather, and one too many fashion disasters.  Val may not be the brightest bulb but she was always down for an adventure with Fran and if Val can stand to be around Fran and her laugh—the woman’s a saint.

Waldo “Family Matters”

Waldo.  So dumb, yet so loveable.  The quintessential cliché dumb friend that you carry around and wonder why.  I mean with a name like Waldo Geraldo Faldo how can you not know what you are getting into?  Also, it should be noted that Waldo has a sister named Quesadilla.  Yes.  The writers really got creative on the Faldo Family.  Can they perhaps get a spin-off show?  Where Waldo now works at a car wash like Walter White but instead of having an A-1 day—Waldo continues with his catch phrase of “no prob Bob.”

Summer Roberts “The OC”

Her clothes.  Her hair.  Her boyfriend.  THE BEST.

Sean “Boy Meets World”

How do I love Sean?  Let me count the ways.  1) You make me swoon over a mushroom cut many moons later 2)  Your “bad boy” ways that consist of wearing a leather jacket and joining a cult that looks like it’s held at Chuckie E. Cheese.  3) You’re sensitive interior that you let few see that all you need is a good hug and some love.  He’s the sidekick you want because Sean enjoys crossing the tv sitcom line ever so slightly with skipping class and maybe kicking back with a beer or two.  GASP!

Kimmy Gibbler “Full House”

Kimmy Gibbler.  My spirit animal.  No social boundaries and will walk into your house completely unwelcomed…and stay.  She will eat your food and tag along on your family vaca’s and no one will question it.  A mooch in the full sense.  Above all else, her fashion was WAY ahead of it’s time.  If she was my best friend, I would have borrowed her light-up prom dress every night of the week.

Gordo “Lizzie McGuire”

Who cares about stupid Miranda when you have a boy like Gordo in your corner?  He always tags along to whatever silly event in your life like crashing Aaron Carter’s music video.  He’s completely sensitive and always there to listen to your problems plus how can you not love floppy curls it just screams BEST FRIEND.

Spike “Rugrats”

Move over, Comet from “Full House” and Lucky from “7th Heaven,” you all suck in comparison to Spike. The most loyal canine that has been on tv..ever.


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