Summertime—The Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff (1991)

No caption necessary.

Baby Got Back—Sir Mix A lot (1992)

Can’t say I jammed out to this in ’92 because that would make my parents the worst people alive [FTS editor-in-chief Sam chiming in here… My dad must have been the worst person alive because I was rocking out to this PLUS Snoop and Dre back then! I turned out okay though ;)]—or like Ross and Rachel—but it still makes you want to sing, every time.

Don’t Turn Around—Ace of Base (1994)

Ace of Base was the first cassette tape I owned and I wore that shit dowwwwnn

Macarena—Los Del Rio (1996)

Man, did we love this!! I remember teaching my mom, my grandmother, anyone that would listen to me got a tutorial on this dance

Semi Charmed Life—Third Eye Blind (1997)

Not listening when you say…GOODBYEEEEEE!! Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo

Mo Money, Mo Problems—Notorious B.I.G, Puff Daddy, Mase (1997)

BEST MUSIC VIDEO EVER.  Oh, the days of matching vinyl outfits…can those make a comeback?

The Boy Is Mine—Brandy & Monica (1998)

Choreographed a dance to this in my friend’s basement that summer—I was Brandy because she had rockin’ braids and purple apartment vs. Monica’s boring hair and teal bedroom.

Genie in a Bottle—Christina Augilera (1999)

One of the BEST summer jams—I wanted her orange pants and fringe top—so long to the days where Christina had a shred of fashion sense.

Steal My Sunshine—Len (1999)

If you haven’t listened to this song or don’t have this in your library—do yourself a favor and give it a listen this will make me SMILE and put you in summer mode.

If You Had My Love—J.Lo (1999)

Before J.Lo got really annoying…

Try Again—Aaliyah (2000)

First off, RIP because if Aaliyah was still alive she would be BLOWING Rihanna and her crazy out of the water.  This song has a great message and I used to know all the choreography and do it in front of my mirror wishing I had a glitter bikini and amazing infinities mirrors.

Peaches n Cream—112 (2001)

This song still makes me want to pretend I can do the crypt walk.

Hanging By A Moment—Lifehouse (2001)

My 8th grade crush dedicated this song to me—swoon.

Bootylicous—Destiny’s Child (2001)

I went to the TRL concert (remember when TRL was legit) and Destiny’s Child were the headliners and everyone went WILD when they performed this song.  Also, remember the episode of “Making The Video” on MTV?

Hot In Herre—Nelly (2002)

We all love to sing the same line—don’t deny it—I think my butt gettin’ big

Crazy In Love—Beyonce (2003)

Don’t lie we all have tried to do the Beyonce booty shake in the mirror after this video premiered.

Hollaback Girl—Gwen Stefani (2005)

Played at my senior year prom (yes, I’m officially old) and helped me with my spelling skills

Promiscuous Girl—Nelly Furtado (2006)

My first summer off from college I would jam out to this driving to my waitressing job.

Umbrella—Rihanna (2007)

I fought liking this song for the first half of the summer and by the end I was completely addicted to it especially the first verse…so effing catchy.

Forever –Chris Brown (2008)

When we still liked Chris Brown–we danced to this song and others danced down the aisle to this song.

I Gotta Feeling—Black Eyed Peas (2009)

This is sad—this song came out around my college graduation and it takes me back to the better days of shot-gunning beers and being awesome at life

Now go download all these songs and get in summer mode!


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