…Lindsay Lohan had class?

…you had to use the payphone to call home during school?

These girls have absolutely no idea.

…people drank orange soda?

…you listened to this on repeat?

What did you like better? Side 1 or side 2?

…it was opposite day?

He actually liked you.

…Charmander evolved into Charizard… or Charmeleon?

Pokemon were, like, so cool.

…when watching videos at school was the best thing ever?

Bill, bill, bill, bill, bill, bill, bill, bill… Bill Nye the Science Guy.

…Missy Elliot was fat?

And wore a trash bag like Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook.

…this is what you did after school?

Screw homework.

…you spent a good amount of time (and money) playing with Power Rangers?

…caller ID was new?

…and you needed to have your own phone in your room?

Or even better — your own phone number. Your own phone number meant your parents and siblings wouldn’t be able to pick up the phone when you were talking to your crush… That got weird.

…you stopped using your home phone.

Like, when at your parent’s house, you won’t even look at the phone when it rings now.

…Britney Spears was on The Mickey Mouse Club?

With Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling.

…Justin and Britney became the ‘it’ couple.

Selena and Justin… step aside. Oh wait, you broke up. Or are you back together? We don’t know because you keep instagramming and tweeting skeptical things. LIFE WAS SO MUCH EASIER IN THE 90S.

That’s it for this week’s installment of ‘Remember When…’ What do you remember 20-somethings?


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