We loved these videos. We watched them over and over and over again. And I have absolutely no idea why.

10. Foamy The Squirrel

Foamy was the fucking worst. Annoying voice, annoying persona, annoying opinions. But I still watched his stupid rant and that video where he needed ‘5 more minutes.’ Ugh. WHY?

9. Leave Britney Alone

Oh, Chris Crocker. Living proof that it gets better. Just check out his YouTube channel.

8. Charlie The Unicorn

I didn’t even smoke and I liked this video. In fact I liked it so much that I re-enacted it in a video with friends, but then my campers found it online (I was a camp counselor at the time). And so I took it down because that was weird. I’d still like to go to Candy Mountain though.

7. Salad Fingers

It wasn’t just weird people who watched Salad Fingers. Normal people watched it, and normal people loved it. Like, they memorized the words. BUT WHY? I don’t even get the point of the video anymore. And the music will forever freak me the fuck out.

6. Can I Have Yo Number

Can I have it? What happened to Mad TV anyway?

5. Dick In A Box

This video was the beginning of something very special. Very special. The musical phenomenon that is JT and Andy Samberg. Whether their dicks are in a box or on a boat, I fucking love them. And no, JT wasn’t on that boat with Akon… but he did make a cameo as a janitor in Jizz In My Pants, and that made ME jizz in my pants, and I don’t even have a dick!

4. Bro Rape

Oh hi, Childish Gambino… I mean Sandy the black republican from Girls… I mean Donald Glover… This video started a bro-volution. Remember the time when all bros swooned over DMB and Natty Ice? Now they like EDM and salmon shorts. Times have changed.  This video featured some of the ugliest bros that aren’t bros that I’ve ever seen. And it was over 8 minutes long. WHY DID I WATCH THIS SO MUCH? Anyway, CHADBROCHILL17 (I miss AIM).

3. My New Haircut

If you’re wondering what happened to all those bros described in bro rape, here’s your answer. They became guidos. And I’m pretty sure it was because of this video. They realized that liking DMB and Natty Ice was a front for what they really liked — pussy, skanks, jager bombs, and grunting while lifting weights… So they ‘came out.’ I’m pretty sure this video is the reason that Jersey Shore ever existed. Yup.

2. The End of the World

The best of the best. This video was actually HILARIOUS. And it’s sadly still relevant. But I am le tired… Well take a nap AND THEN FIRE ZE MISSILES.

1. Shoes

OMG, Shoes. The birth of the betch. And the deck, which has not nearly been celebrated enough. Deckslovethis.com anyone?


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