Last night, I was faced with a decision of epic proportions: Grammys, or my favorite Sunday lineup? Thanks to a little thing called the Internet (and ABC for having a website that allows you to watch full-length episodes without having to sacrifice your first unborn child), the choice was obvious. Would I be lying if I said I was 100% content with my decision? Perhaps, but between JT’s comeback performance (in which all of the sexy was brought back) and the collaborations that make the Grammys worth watching (the Bob Marley tribute was so dope that I didn’t even mind looking at RiRi), there were no complaints on my end (except the TayTay cam, because who wants to watch Taylor Swift sing and dance like a prepubescent twit?).

Before watching last night’s Once Upon A Time, I had to step back and remind myself where it left off. That’s when I remembered The Giant visiting Storybrook, Regina teaming up with Cora, Belle’s memory loss, and Rumpel’s mission to find his son. Without further ado, here’s what you missed on OUAT.

Much of the episode focuses on Tiny, the Giant who has returned to Storybrook with a vengeance. His tale begins atop that infamous beanstalk we’ve all read about, where he resides with an entire clan of giants. In an effort to escape from his caged and mundane life, Tiny ventures down the stalk and finds himself face-to-face with James (son of the King, twin of Charming, and inglorious bastard of all) and his lady friend Jaq(ueline) (who likes to be called “Jaq.” See where this is going?). They offer him the opportunity to shrink down to their size temporarily, which he seizes immediately. Unfortunately, Tiny’s naivete and desire to make new friends leads him down a path of irreparable consequences when James and Jaq trick him into sharing the beanstalk’s location. Led by James himself, an army rises and demands that the giants hand over the treasure and magic beans. When they refuse, a war erupts that leaves only Tiny and James standing (Poor Jaq bit the big one, too). When James flees the scene and leaves Tiny with the grief and pain of lost loved ones, he makes a promise that he will plant the last magic bean (in a safer land) and make James pay (which turns out to be impossible since he dies before Tiny has the chance). Fast forward to present day, and Tiny is caged once again, only this time Cora and Hook hold the key. Plotting to transform the giant to his original, larger-than-life size, Cora brings him to Storybrook and keeps him hidden on Hook’s invisible ship. Cue the part about Hook being the ultimate player of the game. Not only does Hook bring Snow and Charming onto his invisible ship, but he also reveals Cora’s secret weapon–Tiny. But when Tiny mistakes Charming for his venomous twin brother James, he goes ballistic and turns to Regina for the magic that makes him giant-sized once again. Stomping his way around town, Tiny finally finds Charming and threatens to tear Storybrook apart if he doesn’t sacrifice himself. Even when Charming explains that it was James who betrayed him, Tiny ignores reason and lands himself in quite a hole…literally. Charming is on the scene immediately, enlisting all of Storybrook to help rescue Tiny before he falls into a bottomless pit. This single act convinces Tiny that not all humans are deceitful, and he agrees to plant the magic bean in Storybrook with the help of his new comrades, the Seven Dwarves. Quite fitting, if you ask me.

Snow and Charming have been in the same awkward, silent but facially expressive argument ever since David (which happens to be his actual name, by the way) mentioned the idea of returning to their original home. Since they never had a portal, the argument always kind of trailed off and never really got resolved. But with Tiny’s magical beanstalk coming into play, Charming is convinced now more than ever that returning to their original home would allow them to live happily ever after (cliche remarks are only permitted when talking about Once). Snow’s main concern is making the best of their lives in Storybrook and reconnecting with the long-lost daughter they waited all these years to meet. I doubt they’ll separate over it, but what’s a royal family to do? Return back to their land and face familiar obstacles? Stay in Storybrook and learn to battle against new ones? Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, Rumpel, Emma, and Henry (that’s right, she couldn’t leave the Kid in Storybrook with Cora and Regina roaming around unsupervised) embark on a journey well beyond the town line to track down Rumpel’s son, Bey. Only problem is, they have to do it by plane. This requires stamina and strength that Rumpel isn’t accustomed to without the use of magic, which he is unfortunately paralyzed from using outside of Storybrook. Even with Emma guiding him in a positive direction, he still can’t shake the feeling that this adventure might not be such a victorious one.

Poor Belle! After crossing the town line and completely losing her memory, she’s been forced to remain a hospital patient until further testing is completed. While it is true that her long-term memory has vanished, she does remember one thing about that night–magic.  Specifically, the magic that Rumpel used to heal her wound. For weeks she has tried convincing people of what she saw, but in an effort to keep Storybrook’s secret from Mr. Mendel (the stranger from the car accident), everyone hushes her with meds and needles. Somehow, Mr. Mendel overhears Belle’s account of that night and visits her room to tell her he believes her…because he saw the same thing. Will he make a call that will expose Storybrook? Will Belle help him take down her dearest friends? The suspense is killing me!

Now that the Grammys have come and gone, you have no excuse but to watch. Be sure to tune into Once Upon A Time every Sunday night at 8PM EST!


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