Okay guys, this is major. Tipsy Elves, the site with all the ugly sweaters and hilarious seasonal clothing that was on my favorite show Shark Tank, is having a blowout sale on ugly Christmas and Hanukkah sweaters. Until Tuesday at midnight, ALL sweaters at 40% off. That’s almost half off! And they can be delivered to you by Friday if you have any holiday parties this weekend. *Commence freakout*

I got my ugly “Christmas” sweater – okay, Hanukkah – last year from Tipsy Elves. It was the “Happy Llamakkah” one (on the list below!), and I got it for $75. It is way cheaper this year – and ever more cheaper with the discount – but I don’t care. I am actually getting so much fucking wear out of this thing, and I plan to rock it every holiday season for the eternal future.

If you need an ugly sweater for this weekend or next, check out Tipsy Elves. You won’t be disappointed. Below are my 10 favorite lady sweaters from the site, including the one I personally own. You can of course head to the site yourself and find men’s sweaters as well. ENJOY!


1. Santa Unicorn Sweater


Buy now: $45 (originally $75)


2. Feliz Navidog Sweater


Buy now: $39 (originally $65)

3. Drinking Game Sweater


Be a literal walking drinking game.

Buy now: $41.40 (originally $69)


4. Happy Llamakkah Sweater


Buy now: $32.40 (originally $54)


5. Bah Humpug Sweater


Buy now: $34.80 (originally $58)


6. Happy Birthday Jesus Sweater


Buy now: $34.80 (originally $58)


7. Tis the Season to be Preggers Sweater


Buy now: $39 (originally $65)


8. Gelt Digger Sweater


Buy now: $39 (originally $65)


9. Sequin Snowman Sweater


Buy now: $40.80 (originally $68)


10. Party Nativity Scene Sweater


Buy now: $28.80 (originally $48)


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