Looking for a new, tasty low calorie frozen meal? You’ve come to right place – my blog. I’ve had just about every low calorie frozen meal there is, and after years of dieting & eating them, I haven’t stopped. Counting calories is not only a hobby for me… it’s just a basic part of my life. And these frozen meals help me to keep track of cals because they have an exact number in each meal. Guess how many THIS meal has???

The answer is 270 calories! Yes, my friends, it is true. And, wow, is it good. Lean cuisine & smart ones – watch out… Trader Joe’s is giving you fierce competition with this here meal. Not only are there only 270 calories in the meal, but the macaroni and cheese is cheesy and tastes amazzzzzing (at least as amazing as it can get for a meal that low in cals). I’ve had the lean cuisine and smart ones mac & cheese and NEITHER have actually tasted good to me. However, this one has LESS calories, tastes better, and fills you up more! AND IT’S ONLY $1.99 – aka the price of lean cuisines & smart ones when they’re on sale at Target. This meal is a total steal, and if I were you (and had an obsession with mac and cheese – like me), I would go out and buy it now!!!


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