Every summer, I look forward to one thing and one thing only: Getting my tan on at the beach. I mean, who doesn’t?! However, there is one thing that has to be with me at all times when I am at a beach (except when I go into the ocean…) and that is my iPod. My music. My playlists.

Lying on the beach is relaxing without music. So why not put on some awesome tunes to relax you even more. You won’t be able to hear the kids playing in the sand around you or the 13 year old girls next to you dishing about Justin Bieber’s latest picture with Selena Gomez. I mean, not all of us have the privilege of attending private beaches (and to be honest, kids and loud people still frequent them).

So what songs do you have on your beach playlist for this summer? To be honest, any song sounds good on the beach to me! But here are this year’s top 20 songs to listen to while lying in the hot summer sun on the beach!

20. Liv Tonight – Nelly Ft. Keri Hilson

19. Livin’ The Dream (I’m on a Float) – Super Mash Bros

18. Better Than a Stereo Dream – Kap Slap

17. Best Love Song – T-Pain ft. Chris Brown

16. Me Love – Sean Kingston (had to put a little Sean Kingston on here…)

15. California Love – Tupac & Dre

14. Red Red Wine – UB40

13. International Love – Pitbull ft. Chris Brown

12. Summer Girls – LFO

11. American Girl – Tom Petty

10. Stir It Up – Bob Marley

9. California Girls – Beach Boys

8. Good Life (Remix) – One Republic ft. B.O.B.

7. Everything – Pitbull ft. Ne-yo, Afrojack, & Nayer

6. Steal My Sunshine – Len

5. Summertime – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

4. Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO

3. No Sleep – Wiz Khalifa

2. Where Them Girls At – David Guetta ft. Flo Rida & Nicki Minaj

1. California Girls – Katy Perry ft Snoop Dogg

Have any other songs that you LOVE to listen to on the beach? Let us know! The list can grow 🙂


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