A guy doesn’t have to do much to make a girl fall for him. It’s the small, simple yet irresistibly sweet things guys do that girls love. We want you to be yourself. We want a relationship that’s honest and comfortable. It’s the thoughtful, romantic gestures that mean the most. All it takes is a little class and charm. Listed below are some of the best things guys do that girls love and find most attractive.

Take notes, boys.

1. When he opens the door for you.

Call me old fashioned, but there’s nothing sweeter than when a guy opens the car door for you first before getting into the car himself. Not only does it make you feel like a princess, but it’s a polite gesture that shows he cares.

2. When he holds your hand unexpectedly.

You’re walking side by side when he casually brushes your hand and gently intertwines his fingers with yours. Or you’re in the car driving back from an amazing date and he takes one hand off the steering wheel just to feel your touch. It’s his way of saying you’re mine; don’t let me go.

The Top 20 Things Guys Do That Girls Love

3. When he offers his jacket or sweatshirt.

It’s a cold, crisp night and he wraps his jacket around your shoulders or gives you his sweatshirt to keep you from catching a chill. This shows he wants you to feel comfortable and that he cares about your wellbeing. Girls love wearing oversized sweatshirts that smell like their guy’s fresh cologne.

4. When you catch him looking at you.

I love when a guy isn’t afraid to look away after you catch him looking at you from across the room. His eyes reveal emotion and his infectious smile gives you the butterflies.

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5. When he says your name at the end of a sentence.

If he uses your name at the end of a sentence, he’s serious with you. The way he says it in his deep, raspy voice catches your attention and it’ll make you want him to say it over and over again…

6. When he dances with you, even if you’re both terrible at it.

Slow dancing is romantic, and fast dancing with a partner makes you feel less awkward. You can dance like fools together. But it doesn’t hurt if he has good rhythm.

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7. When he makes a playlist of music you both like.

Music is meaningful and it’s thoughtful when a guy takes the time to create a mix of songs you both enjoy. It’s your own personal soundtrack that expresses your feelings through lyrics.

8. When he sends you a cute message during the day that shows he was thinking about you.

Whether it’s about something that reminded him of you or an inside joke, you’re on his mind and that’s all that matters.

9. When he has a great sense of humor.

All girls like a guy who makes her laugh and isn’t afraid to show his silly side. Being serious all the time can get boring real fast.

The Top 20 Things Guys Do That Girls Love

10. When he compliments you.

It’s always better when a guy calls you beautiful instead of hot. Especially when he says it in the morning.

11. When he puts on cologne.

Something nice that leaves a clean, fresh lingering scent. It shows he put in the effort.


12. When he’s not afraid to put his arm around you in public.

It’s affectionate and shows he’s proud to be your man and that he’s protective over you.

13. When he shows you off and brings you out to meet his friends.

A girl want to meet his friends and show them just how good of a time she can be too.

14. When he takes you shopping.

Mall trips can make great dates. He’ll pick out something for you and you can pick out something for him. Girls want their guys to be honest and love it when they give input. A guy’s opinion matters most.

15. When he explains sports to you.

If your girl isn’t a big sports fanatic and appears lost in the game, please explain what’s happening. We want to learn so we can share the excitement.

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16. When he’s willing to watch The Bachelor with you.

A girl will watch a guy’s stupid shows if he watches hers. Although most guys seem to despise it, we know they love it deep down.

17. When he isn’t afraid to tell you how he feels.

It takes a real man to be open and straightforward with his feelings. No reading between the lines.

18. When he gets emotional.

This proves he has true feelings and isn’t a robot. If your guy gets teary eyed while watching The Notebook, he’s a keeper.

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19. When he lingers on goodbyes and hugs.

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a long hug. That body squeezing bear-hug is his way of showing he’s confident about your relationship and that he’s committed. Although goodbyes are never easy, a comforting hug and passionate parting reassures us of the future.


20. When he kisses your forehead.

It’s a romantic gesture that makes a girl weak in the knees. It’s his way of saying “you mean the world to me.”

The Top 20 Things Guys Do That Girls Love: Kiss Forehead


Katherine (aka Kat) is a Communication and Media Studies major with a concentration in Journalism at Fordham University. As a Jersey girl at heart and beach native, she looks forward to summers down the shore, going for runs along the coastline, and reading Nicholas Sparks romance novels. In her downtime, Katherine enjoys playing the guitar and writing for pleasure. Katherine plans on continuing to pursue her passion for music and writing in hopes of someday landing her dream career. Follow her Instagram @kat_falzon


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