Last week, I tracked my first week trying out Weight Watchers and you guys seemed to enjoy it, so now I am going to try to stay on this diet for your reading pleasure.

This week was a bit of a struggle. I woke up Monday morning super sick so that immediately put a damper on the week. Luckily I was able to go on antibiotics, but I wasn’t 100% better until Friday. UGH. That limited the amount of FitPoints I gained this week, and also pretty much ruined my appetite for real food.

I also for some reason went out on Wednesday night and then both weekend nights, which I realized I cannot do if I want this diet to work because drinking costs a lot of points — both credit card points and Weight Watchers SmartPoints.

There was a positive to this week, though. I learned that I could eat more food and consume less points — I just needed to eat more protein! I realized this is why they changed the point system. When I went on Weight Watchers in the past, I had 26 ‘Points Plus’ a day, but now I get 30 ‘Smart Points.’ If you’re not familiar with the system, each food is worth a certain amount of points. I found that a lot of the foods I ate were worth more Smart Points than Points Plus points. Smart Points factor in more things (protein, sugar, fiber, carbs fat, saturated fat, and calories), which is why some foods are more. BUT, as I said, the more protein, the less points. So now I am going to eat more protein! This was a great learning moment for me. Yay.

Day 1: Monday

I started off the day by skipping breakfast because I was sick and didn’t feel like eating.

12pm: I had toast with Smart Balance ‘buttery spread), the quintessential sick person’s meal, for 9 points.

3pm: On my way to get my prescription, I got a Venti iced skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks, which looked pretty ironic when I picked up medication for a sickness that is worsened by caffeine. I guess I just DGAF.

315pm: The medicine said I had to eat with it, so I had some chips for 4 points, a bag of SkinnyPop popcorn for 3 points, and a string cheese for 1 point. I realize that is an extremely unhealthy combination of food, but I was sick and I didn’t feel like going food shopping so oh well. LEAVE ME ALONE.

6pm: I blacked out and literally have no idea what I ate for dinner that night. Did I eat? Maybe I didn’t. I don’t think I did.



Day 2: Tuesday

8am: I felt like shit, but I decided to eat breakfast anyway. I had cottage cheese and sugar-free peaches for 2 points.

1pm: I still had no appetite so I had a bunch of chips for 9 points, an apple for 0 points, and half of a grande skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks for 2 points.

4pm: I somehow convince myself to go to Pure Barre, even though working out with the ‘illness’ I had was probably a poor choice.

7pm: I was finally feeling kind of better, so I went food shopping at Wegmans. I ended up getting dinner there — a piece of lemon garlic grilled chicken with mashed potatoes and a kale and quinoa cake. All together it totaled 17 points. I also had ketchup with it for 2 points.



Day 3: Wednesday

8am: Same breakfast, different day. Cottage cheese and peaches for 2 points.

12pm: Coffee! Grande skinny vanilla latte, which I didn’t finish, so it was 3 points.

1pm: I had Chobani simply 100 vanilla yogurt and some strawberries and an apple for 3 points.

4pm: Pure Barre.

530pm: I had a post-workout string cheese for 1 point before heading out to meet some friends for drinks.

630pm: While out, I ordered a glass of white wine, which I counted for 7 points, and shredded brussels sprouts, which I counted for 8 points. I told myself I was going to have toast or something when I got home. I then drank water for the rest of the night while everyone around me kept drinking and ate full meals. A bread basket even came over to us and I didn’t touch it. WHO AM I?

11pm: Oops. I got home a bit later than expected and was starving. I had some chips and salsa for 8 points.



Day 4: Thursday

8am: Cottage cheese + peaches = 2 points.

1pm: I decided to try eating a sandwich for lunch today, something I haven’t done in years. I mixed some tuna with mayonnaise and put it on Udi’s bread with a slice of cheese. It came to 11 points.

3pm: Got my coffee later in the day but ‘tevs. 4 points.

8pm: For dinner, I made Greek turkey burgers with feta cheese and spinach. I had one of the burgers without a bun for 4 points. I also made a baked potato with Smart Balance ‘buttery spread’ for a total of 7 points. Filling lunch + filling dinner = successful day! I didn’t even use all my points. I think I’m finally figuring this diet out 🙂

FITPOINTS GAINED: 0 (I felt a little sick still, so I skipped my workout)


Day 5: Friday

8am: I went out first thing and got my skinny vanilla latte for 4 points. I then tried to eat cottage cheese, but I took one spoonful and I just wasn’t feeling it. I counted my ‘bite’ as 1 point and had a banana instead.

12pm: Time for Pure Barre Platform. I die. Also, the exercise counts as 16 FitPoints instead of the 17 it did last week. I am confused.

130pm: I make a tuna sandwich again because it was so filling yesterday. I didn’t use cheese today, so the sandwich ended up being 8 points.

3pm: Midday snack = cucumbers and light ranch veggie dip for 2 points.

5pm: Another snack. Chips and salsa for 5 points.

7pm: I ate 2 chicken sausages from Wegmans for 5 points and had Seeds of Change Quinoa & Brown Rice for 3 points.

830pm: A friend came over and we had some champagne before going out. This was because I had champagne in my fridge so why not. My glass was 4 points.

10pm: I had 2 glasses of rosè while out for a total of 11 points. I sound really pretentious. That’s probably because I am. Or not. Idk.

12pm: I came home early and ‘drunk ate’ grapes for 0 points.



Day 6: Saturday

10am: Woke up and had a banana for 0 points and a latte for 2 points.

1230pm: We barely had any food in the apartment, so I struggled to find something to have for lunch. I put a tbsp of peanut butter on a rice cake for 6 points and had a cheese stick for 1 point.

130pm: I somehow get myself off my ass and go to barre.

4pm: I had some grapes as a 0 point snack.

6pm: I went out to dinner starving, which is a major mistake for anyone trying to diet. The restaurant had a 2 hour wait when we got there, so we went to the bar next door where I drank half a bottle of wine for 12 points and had some cheese from a cheese plate for maybe 4 points.

830pm: We finally get seated. I order another glass of white wine for 7 points. Bread comes to the table and I can’t resist it because I’m drunk and hungry so I have bread, which I am allergic to, and olive oil. I pray that I won’t get sick in 24-48 hours, because that’s how long it takes… and that my skin won’t get bad again. What I’ve noticed is that gluten gives me acne. When I don’t eat it, my skin is completely clear. It’s wild.

9pm: We get a few apps – tuna tartare, scallops, and a caprese salad. Again, I sound really pretentious. At this point, I literally have no idea how to count points for this dinner. Things have gotten OUT OF CONTROL.

930pm: I get pumpkin ravioli for dinner and it is literally the best dinner I have ever had. I count it for 20 points, which I included the apps in. Maybe it was more points, maybe it was less. Either way – I fucked up and there was no turning back.

12pm: The food coma I was in sobered me up and I was unable to drink anything else… so I went home and went to bed. #Old

TOTAL SMARTPOINTS: 56 (lololololol)
EXTRA POINTS USED: 26 (lololololol)


Day 7: Sunday

10am: I wake up with a food hangover and get a coffee for 3 points.

11am: I have a banana for 0 points and cottage cheese with peaches for 4 points. I ran out of sugar free peaches so that’s why the points are doubled.

1230pm: I have cucumbers with veggie dip for 4 points and a cheese stick for 1 point.

2pm: I am hungry, which I don’t understand how because I ate enough food for a week yesterday, so I have 3 rice cakes for 3 points at my parent’s house because I always have to raid their cabinets when there, even if I’m on a diet. I also eat half of the strawberries in their fridge for 0 points because I love strawberries.

3pm: I get an iced coffee at the Target Starbucks for 1 point.

6pm: I have a bag of SkinnyPop popcorn for 3 points before I start making dinner.

730pm: I make skinny chicken parmesan and put a piece of chicken over spaghetti squash with marinara sauce. I took another piece of chicken because it was so good! It was both fabulous and 11 points. Possibly my favorite meal that I’ve ever made.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.32.36 PM


In total, I used up almost all of my daily 30 points each day, and I used 44 extra points throughout the week — 9 points over my weekly allowance of 35 extra points. I honestly thought this number would be MUCH worse with the weekend I had.

As for FitPoints, I only gained 34 of them this week, which is below my weekly goal of 45. Last week I got 80. I guess it’s okay because I was sick, but next week I will be MUCH better about this.

I think now that I’m realizing the right foods to eat and because I won’t be going out/drinking as much (if at all), next week I will redeem myself.

Oh – and I lost 1 pound this week, making my total lost at 2 weeks 3.6 pounds. Normally, I would quit after not seeing more progress, but I am trying to tell myself any progress is good progress. HERE’S TO MORE.


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