If you read the title clearly you know what this is going to be about… a 23 year old college grad picking up her entire life and moving LITERALLY across the country (and to be exact, the Pacific Ocean).


(Let’s take a moment to process the fact that THIS is what I will be looking at daily…NBD)

Here’s what’s going on:

I’ve always planned on getting the FUCK out of my small town in Southern Maine. It’s boring, there’s way too much drama, snow and I’ve been over it since I was about I don’t know, like twelve? A huge portion of my family either lives in Hawaii year round or for at least a couple months out of the year so my plan was always to get out of Maine and move there for Grad School and well, you know, life. Alas, here we are. I have graduated college, spent a year working at the coolest radio station in Maine, been an on-air radio personality, had some borderline stalkers, quit said job and have begun the process of selling off all my shit.

*So if you are in the Southern Maine area and are interested in some gently used Miss Me Jeans or sparkly Express shirts, hit me up…

As I said before, I am literally moving across the country to one of the most expensive states in America. Am I scared? Umm…YES! But I am also super excited. Being a twenty something can be miserably magical (please note the Taylor Swift lyrics) but it’s also the time when you can be super selfish and make decisions for yourself. Why? Because you just spent 4 years working your ass off at college and if not now, when? I don’t have kids, a husband or boyfriend… not even a FWB but that’s a whole other story, I don’t even have that many friends that live in this state anymore, why am I still here? Hmm, not sure. Time to get out!


If you are reading this and thinking “hey, that’s me!” then I STRONGLY encourage you to take a leap of faith and do something life altering. Please don’t think too much about it, just jump. If you are anything like me, you don’t want to be 40 years old with 3 kids, driving a minivan thinking back on your twenties and regretting all of the things you didn’t do and the adventures you didn’t go on.

I’m planning on documenting my moving process & adventures in Hawaii so that in 20 years I can look back and remember this scary, fun and exciting time in my life. If you are stuck in a job you hate, a city you despise or in a lack luster life and want to go on an adventure, come with me! (Not necessarily with me, with me – we are speaking metaphorically here)

Move to California, Greece, the Mid-West, Asia, Sydney… go on a road trip, DO SOMETHING!

Alright, I think that’s all I’ve got for today. I will be sure to keep you updated as my move date gets closer. In the meantime, take a look at your life and if you are happy, GREAT! Keep doing what you are doing, but if not…you know what to do.

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