There are many reasons to be excited for Fall… one of those being the fact our favorite shows (and more) are returning to television! This Fall, we definitely don’t have as many new shows as we did last year… and the ones we do have seem a bit odd. A hospital for animals? A haunted NYC apartment complex? A modern day Beauty and the Beast? I mean… no. But we do have a lot of great shows returning and there are some new shows that seem like they have a chance of being decent. I guess we will find out what’s good and what’s not soon… But until then, here are some shows you might be interested in this Fall:

  • RevengeSundays at 9pm on ABC: Emily/Amanda (code name Emanda thanks to The Betches), a 20-something girl whose father was framed for a terrorist attack, heads back to the place she grew up (the Hamptons) to – you guessed it – get revenge on the people responsible for her daddy’s demise. If you didn’t watch season 1, you better catch up now because it is one ridic ride you don’t want to miss. You will never know who likes who and who just wants to kill a bitch. It’s sooo interesting. And for those who already watch, is Victoria dead? Doubt it, but we’ll find out soon! Premiere Date: September 30th.
  • 2 Broke GirlsMondays at 9pm on CBS: I didn’t watch season 1 because I hate laugh tracks and it was on during other shows I watched. But now it’s on at the same time as Gossip Girl, which I don’t watch, and… nothing else. So maybe, if I can get past the 90’s laugh track, I’ll tune in. Premiere Date: September 24th.
  • New Girl – Tuesdays at 9pm on FOX: Zooey Deschanel is amazing and New Girl is the best thing that’s happened to sitcoms since HBO. Seriously. First you have the theme song, which is weird and awesome. Then you have Jess, a quirky elementary school teacher, living with three normal dudes who she found on Craigslist or something. I actually care about each one of the characters, which is rare for a 30 minute sitcom. I highly recommend. And if you’re not into it, you can watch… Premiere Date: September 25th.
  • Happy Endings – Tuesdays at 9pm on ABC: I’ve been watching Happy Endings since it’s started and I really enjoy it. However, I don’t love it to the point where I am attached to it and need to see it every week (AKA I will not watch it over New Girl). However, if you’re not into New Girl or you’re bored and want to watch something online or on demand, I recommend checking this show out. It’s about (older) 20-somethings and newly 30-somethings… It will make you feel young… and normal. Premieres October 23rd.
  • Don’t Trust The B In Apt 23Tuesdays at 930 on ABC: I despise the length of this show’s title… but I love the show. Random female roommates living together in NYC. One loves sex, celebrities, and drinking… And the other loves the Midwest and being boring. Watch the boring one become fun in this weirdly funny comedy that features a washed up James Van Der Beek. The only problem is it’s on at the same time as two new shows that I am very intrigued by… Premieres October 23rd.
  • The Mindy Project Tuesdays at 930 on FOX: Mindy Kaling is an extremely funny and real girl who I enjoy. She not only created this show, but she made herself the star (obsession with oneself – I like). I don’t really have any idea what the show is about other than the lead character’s life as a doctor and human being… but Mindy once wrote a book about everyone hanging out without her, and even though I never read the book, I know we are the same person just from the title. And, therefore, I need to watch her show. Premiere Date: September 25th.
  • The New Normal Tuesdays at 930 on NBC: Oh, yay. Another show about a gay couple who wants a baby! And that isn’t sarcasm (I need more Cam and Mitchell in my life). This Ryan Murphy creation has been hyped up like no other and I was very excited for it until I realized I want to watch 2 other shows at the same time. So TV Gods, HOW am I supposed to watch all these shows? Even if I was to DVR or watch online, I have no time to catch up. SO, you pose a dilemma. Thanks. Premiere Date: September 11th.
  • Modern FamilyWednesdays at 9pm on ABC: Mod Fam is the best show on television. Didn’t you hear? They, like, won every single Emmy. Need I say more? Premiere Date: September 26th.
  • Guys With KidsWednesdays at 830pm on NBC: New show about guys with kids (because you wouldn’t know that from the title) that was created by Jimmy Fallon, meaning it has potential. But as a 20-something, I don’t find ‘guys with kids’ appealing in real life, soooo will I watch? Maybe. But only to feel young and better about myself, duh. Premiere Date: September 12th at 10pm (goes back to 830pm on September 26th).
  • Glee9 on FOX: Surprise! Glee changed it’s date and time. The problem: It’s just not as good as it used to be. I will definitely try to get into it this season, but if they sing one more show tune I will throw my television out the window and then go buy a new one to watch NBC’s comedy lineup. Premiere Date: September 13th.

As for shows NOT on networks: Boardwalk Empire and Homeland are returning for those 20-somethings who have enough money to afford ‘premium channels.’ Obv, there are a million shows on the cable channels. And if you’re sick of networks and cable channels telling you when you have to watch something, you do have the choice of watching a web series. Here’s one you might enjoy:

  • Dating Rules For My Future Self: A girl gets advice in the form of text messages from herself… 10 years in the future. Will she listen? Would you listen? There have been 2 seasons of this web series so far and you can catch all episodes on Hulu! Each episode is short AKA they are great for the busy 20-something who has severe life-ADD.

So… What TV shows are you excited to watch? Check out this schedule to see which shows are premiering this Fall and let us know!


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