Twenty somethings are good at three things: Getting f*cked over, getting f*cked up, and getting f*cked.

In your twenties, all three activities seem to roll into one. On the weekends (or during the week) you drink. You’re constantly getting screwed over by employers who won’t hire you – Or by fellow employees who are higher up than you at your company (aka everyone). You also manage to get screwed over by many members of the opposite sex, unless you are the twenty something prodigy who has been in a relationship since high school and has never had a single bump in the road. You are also at your prime for sexual activity in your twenties – well, actually this prime is in your early twenties. Ugh.

I guess you could say twenty somethings are living the dream – Well, at least the twenty somethings who haven’t stopped going out, gotten married, and settled down in some suburban town (yuck).

To see if you’ve turned boring, ask yourself, “am I living the dream?At first you might think NO WAY because of the following reasons:

– We are being forced to grow up way too quickly (kind of like the cast of Entourage this season).

– We are expected to accomplish basically all of life’s most important tasks in a 10 year span – We must graduate from college, get a real job, get a significant other, get married, buy a house, have a kid or two, and become successful… In 10 years!

– Our parents do not support us anymore.

– We don’t make enough money.

– The money we do make goes to rent, alcohol, gas, food, loans, car payments, clothes, the gym, etc – so we are left with a negative amount of money.

– We have to do work for people who do make enough money.

– So the conversations we must listen to around our cubicle consist of wedding planning, baby stories, and week long couple vacation recaps. Boring.

– When people ask what our weekend plans are after they tell us all about their upcoming trip to the boyfriend’s grandparent’s friend’s house, we don’t know. Because we decide that around 9pm when the drinking commences.

– Every night we go out to a bar, the people there get younger.

– Our younger siblings are heading back to college, even though we swear we were JUST packing our bags to go back to school for senior year. But really, wasn’t that a few days ago?

Look at me… Complaining about being young. There is really NO reason to complain though.

While the environment around you is screaming in your face to grow up, you don’t need to completely be an adult yet. Your responsibilities are slim, but growing. You still have the time and energy to make spontaneous moves and dance the night away while black out drunk.

Basically, you’re not old. You may think you are, as you watch people six years younger than you embark on the journey that is college. But you’re still really, really young. Even if you’re 29, turning 30 in a week, adults in their 40s and 50s would probably KILL to be your age again. You’re starting your life in your twenties. And these new experiences are what make life so exciting. After that, life kind of becomes routine.

You’re a twenty something for 10 whole years and these years will most likely pass you by before you know it… Soon, you’ll be begging to have the nomadic, intoxicated life back of new beginnings. So what do we do to ensure that we are living life to the fullest in our twenties? We get f*cked over. We get f*cked up. And we get f*cked. And then we do it again. In ANY order. Until we are married and boring with kids.

Live it up my fellow twenty somethings. The clock is ticking. Let’s hit the club while we still can and are not getting turned away for being OLD yet like the sisters in Knocked Up. You’re still young – don’t turn into a boring person who stays in watching Titanic on cable every weekend. Live it or you WILL regret that you didn’t.


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