I love sports. I really do. Fantasy sports? Not so much. Last season I tried out fantasy football for the first time and was into it for about three weeks, then gave up when I realized I needed to pay more attention to my team than myself on Sundays. I will admit, it can be fun though. I also gave fantasy hockey a try, and it was actually a lot of fun.


I’m giving fantasy football a shot this year again with a sports blog I write for. So, it’s me in a league full of guys. I figure I’m not alone in this situation, so I’m here to help my ladies out. Not all of us enjoy football or know all the top players. So since I’m more of a baseball + hockey gal, I enlisted the help of my boyfriend  and co-worker. They helped me create a list of top-notch players, plus some backups you can grab if you end up having to draft later.




Top Picks:

– Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers
– Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers.


– Blake Bortles, Jacksonville Jaguars
– Derek Carr, Oakland Raiders


Wide Receivers


Top Picks:

– Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers
– Julio Jones, Atlanta Falcons
– Odell Beckham Jr, New York Giants


– Alshon Jeffery, Chicago Bears
– Donte Moncrief, Indianapolis Colts


Running Backs


Top Picks:

– David Johnson, Arizona Cardinals
– Todd Gurley, Los Angeles Rams
– Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings


– Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys
– Latavius Murray, Oakland Raiders


Tight Ends


Top Picks:

– Robert Gronkowski, New England Patriots
– Jordan Reed, Washington Redskins
– Greg Olsen, Carolina Panthers


– Gary Barnidge, Cleveland Browns
– Dwayne Allen, Indianapolis Colts
– Martellus Bennett, New England Patriots




Top Picks:

– Stephen Gostkowski, New England Patriots
– Justin Tucker, Baltimore Ravens


– Dan Bailey, Dallas Cowboys
– Steven Hauschka, Seattle Seahawks


Defense/Special Teams


Top Picks:

– Denver Broncos
– Arizona Cardinals
– Seattle Seahawks
– Carolina Panthers


While you may need to make changes during the season, these players are a great way to start your season. Now go win some money ladies!


Courtney is what you can call a northern-southern belle. Grew up a Mass-hole, took some southern lessons in SC and is now back north trying to figure out the white stuff on the ground. She enjoys all things Britney Spears and sports. Puppies bring her as much joy as a nice cold cup of ice coffee. If you'd like to know more about her mad life, follow her on Twitter/Instagram - @cacharroux.

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