When I graduated from high school, I thought I would be so old on my 5 year reunion. I had 4 years of college ahead of me and I didn’t even know what would be going on in my life in the next year. I wondered who I would still talk to come the date… and if I would even go. I wondered where I would be living and how I would look. I wondered who I would still hang out with. I wondered what awesome job I would be working at.

Five years then passed and the date of my “high school reunion” was coming up quick. As far as my “thoughts” went, I currently work at an entry level job – nothing too impressive. I still talk to everyone I talked to in high school – if not more people. I still hang out with everyone I hung out with in high school – if not more people. I’m not married. I have no kids. I’ve seen more than half my class since our graduation day. I lived in my hometown after college and just recently moved 25 minutes down the road into Boston. Oh, and I look pretty much the same (except I actually lost some weight, but not enough to be a new person – and even if I did, everyone would have already known!).

Any “changes” my classmates or I have gone through since high school have been documented online through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc… and also in person. Because of social networking, not only is it extremely easy to stay in touch with friends and acquaintances, but you can also keep tabs on people you’ve maybe spoken to once – even if you aren’t personally friends with them on Facebook. Everyone knows where everyone works. Everyone knows where everyone lives. Everyone already knows who got fat… who got pregnant… who got hot… ETC. So any excitement from a high school reunion = gone.

Although I wasn’t surprised with the way anyone looked, I was a little surprised that everyone was so nice and friendly. Maybe that is because we were all drunk… and maybe I didn’t even talk to everyone… or maybe I don’t remember correctly… but from what I do remember, most people (except maybe one or two) were nice and somewhat mature. I am almost positive, however, that I did not talk to anyone – except like two people – about where we were working… and I didn’t talk to anyone at all about where we were living. I guess this is all okay because 1. I probably knew already and 2. If I didn’t know, I can always look on LinkedIn or Facebook – OR ask a friend of a friend (of a friend) – if I really care that much, which I most likely don’t.

Although there are no longer surprises in the way people look – one thing about classic HS reunions remains the same: everyone gets wasted. At my classy high school reunion, someone got kicked out, someone got a black eye, two people who weren’t friends in high school made out on the dance floor – Yes, it was exactly like a movie (not really).

Basically, even though we’ve seen a lot of people on Facebook and in person through the years, it will always be awkward to see them all in one setting – therefore you must drink a lot of alcohol to curb the awkwardness. I am pretty sure I mastered this act since I barely remember anything. This is good because I know I had fun and if I said anything remotely embarrassing to anyone, I don’t remember it. I highly recommend doing this – even though you might be sick the next day.

Anyway, it was nice to see that everyone grew up into a bunch of alcoholics. Sure, I’ve seen the majority of the people who actually went to the reunion every year on Thanksgiving Eve – but you can really tell just how drunk people are in a much emptier setting such as the “5 year reunion.”

Some schools do not have 5 year reunions. I think this is idiotic. We know we aren’t grown up yet and not much change has occurred – but who doesn’t love an excuse to party with randoms? I have a feeling the 10 year reunion might be a little different, too, because unfortunately we will all be nearing the old ages of 28 and 29, we might be married and have a kid or two, we might bring our significant others with us, and “getting black out” might not be as cool anymore… Although I have a feeling when the awkwardness of reuniting with people you haven’t seen in forever in person sets in, heavy drinking might just be necessary. I look forward to my next reunion… and hope you are looking forward to yours – whether it be your first or last!

You're reunion will most likely NOT be exactly like theirs...

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