Before turning 21, the night before Thanksgiving served as the night all your high school friends got together after not seeing each other since, umm, the summer. It was a night to look forward to, but was definitely not as great as what the night would become after turning 21.

Twenty Something Thanksgiving Eve is a night where you not only can you see your friends who you might have seen yesterday (or two years ago)… but also a night where you can see literally everyone you went to high school with (friends or not). Instead of standing in a circle with friends surrounded by complete strangers in a large city bar, you get to stand in a circle with friends surrounded by people you grew up with in a small townie bar. Sounds awesome, right?

First of all, the phrase “townie bar” may turn some of you off. However, twenty somethings secretly love townie bars. We would never admit it, but we actually enjoy going. Maybe this is because we only go once a year (and since I’m 23, I have only gone twice)… and if we went more often (like twice a year) we would hate them… but for a once-a-year thing, it is hilarious.

If you are considering not going to this year’s TGE, shame on you. Unless, of course, 1. you aren’t a twenty something, 2. you are married (and not one of those people that got married young), 3. none of your friends are going, or 4.your brother who is six years younger than you is going. If you do not fall into any of the above categories, then maybe we can convince you to experience what is the the “biggest drinking night of the year” (TGE has received this title only because the more awkward you feel, the more you drink).

Why 20-Somethings Love TGE:

You can show off the fact that you’ve done something with your life. If you are reading this blog and enjoy it, I am going to assume that you have done something with your life. Whether you’re working full-time making bank, hating life at a mediocre job that you can’t stand, or are still looking for a job a year after graduation – no worries. You at least 1. went to college, 2. are making money, and/or 3. have a resume. Unlike some of the people you might spot across the bar on TGE, you are headed somewhere really awesome… and that might help cure your post-grad depression (PGD) and make you feel better about your lack of job and/or lack of happiness.

You can play the name game: The older you get, the more people you will defriend on Facebook, the more names you will forget, and the more people will change. Some get big, some get small, some get pregnant, some get (or still are) trashy, and some look the same. Unfortunately, you’re not going to remember everyone… so you can spend your night remembering that half of your 9th grade math class exists. Who doesn’t love a good throwback?

Find the Transformer: This is my favorite game – Who got fat? As stated in a previous post, twenty somethings love transformers. If you’re at a bar in a city, you might spot transformers – BUT you won’t know it because you have NO idea who they are… For all you know, they could have always been that fat (or thin). On TGE, once someone tells you that large guy drinking the bud light in the corner is the kid you had a crush on in 7th grade, you won’t be upset… just amazed.

You Can Take the Black Out Train to Awk Convo Land: Okay, so even though you’re going to bars where everyone will know your name (or at least take a few minutes to remember it), you’re not going to talk to everyone. You might only talk to your friends, because let’s face it – we’re all better than each other (right?!)… But after a few drinks, you’ll have a few more, followed by a few more after three of your 10th grade crushes order drinks right next to (but don’t worry – they got fat). And as soon as you are black out, you will be prepared to have the famous awkward conv – “Hey! How are you?” “Good! How are you?” “Good! So… what are you doing now?!” “Oh, I’m just working at the same restaurant I did in high school, trying to find a full time job. You?” “OHhH, I’m working at this awesome job in the city!” “Cool!” “Yeah!” “Okay… well I’m going to go, umm, find my friends!” “Okay! Bye!” “Bye!” – This is awk. But at least you got to talk about yourself?

You Get To Switch Up Your Rage: Raging the same way every weekend gets boring. The same bars, the same city, the same apartments – BOR-ING. Therefore, TGE provides you with a night you can’t get sick of (because you will only do it once a year for not much longer!). Not only do you get to rage with a bunch of people you don’t like, but you also get to hang out with all your friends for once. With work and people living in different areas, it’s hard for everyone to get together on the weekend. But on TGE, it’s a whole different game plan. Rage on.

Okay, so now that you’ve obviously been convinced to party like an awkward blacked out idiot tonight, HAVE FUN. Just be careful tomorrow. You don’t want to be that family member who spends the meal running to the bathroom, pale faced, every five minutes… Or do you?

You’re only young enough to attend TGE once (or more like 2-5 times)… Live it up like the below turkey:


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