For most of us, fitness resolutions are made in January.  And if you’re anything like me – waking up before work to go to the gym and finding motivation can be hard in the cold months.  But let’s face it come March – we’re all going to start to shed the sweats and cringe about bikini season.

The girls of Tone It Up – give you the extra push you need and then some to reach your fitness goals.  Founded by trainers, Katrina and Karena, they have started an online community for girls that support a healthy body image and promote losing and toning the body you have.

Their website offers recipes, workouts, and challenges to keep you motivated all year round.  You can also check-in with them via social media for your workouts to keep yourself accountable.  And what’s amazing about the girls is they actually “like” and comment on your check-in’s, so you know that they are actually active in their business and even if it’s not really them – it shows that someone potentially is caring about you sweating your ass for a hour.

Tone It Up also offer a meal plan (for a one-time price) if you want to get your eating habits on track – and get this they actually SUPPORT you eating chocolate and wine (obvi in moderation).  Their meals are clean and easy for you to bring to work or keep in the freezer for when you get home.  They also have healthy cocktail recipes which all twenty-something’s need to survive.  And since most of us are on a budget – their grocery list contains a lot of essentials that we all already have in our fridge and cabinets.

As one of their new members to the community, I am absolutely IN LOVE with their workouts and tips.  As an avid runner and gym rat, my normal routine can get  monotonous and super boring (treadmill, I hate you).  Tone It Up’s workouts include cardio AND lots of weight training hence their name Tone It Up.  The women within the community are like most women – working a job with long hours – who aren’t making baller money – but want to keep their bodies healthy and in shape  –  for me personally, it’s great to see I am not the only one struggling to wake up and to get the work out in.  It’s motivating to be like “Okay, if this mom with 3 kids and a full time job did the work out – I can too.”

I urge any of you that are starting to slip from those New Years resolutions to check these ladies out.  These ladies are not in your face Jillian Michaels style and aren’t looking to sell you on bullshit.  PLUS, they have a new show on Bravo (add another guilty pleasure to the list) about their friendship as roommates, working together in their business, and their life as best friends.

Do yourself a favor – put down the already available Valentine’s Day candy – and check it out.



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