So… if you don’t already know from reading my bio, I’m 23. AKA I’m not yet 24. I have one of those Fall birthdays that made me younger than all my friends growing up. When everyone was getting their permits and licenses, I had to wait another year/6 months to get mine. And when everyone was turning 21 and becoming legally awesome, I was still 20 with a horrible fake ID that couldn’t for the life of me get me into the ‘best bar’ at school. For the first month and a half of Senior year of college, I found myself sitting at the empty bar (that anyone could get into) for 2 hours waiting for the crowds to come over for last call. It sucked.

Well, now it doesn’t suck. It’s actually awesome. While everyone else is struggling with accepting the fact that they are entering yet another year into their 20s, I am still on the low end of the age spectrum. And when everyone else is hitting themselves after turning 30, I’ll still be 29.

My college-aged brother sent me this video yesterday of a white 20-something dude attempting to rap about being 24. Immediately, I felt young because I’m 23. And I don’t care if I can only bask in my young age for another 5 months – I’m still young. But look at me. I’m totally falling into the category of 20-somethings that this guy is talking about. So even though I might not literally be 24, I have been out of college for 2 years, I don’t go out as much anymore (even though I sometimes pretend I do), I was born in 1988, I sometimes get confused and think I’m rich, and I’m still on my parent’s health insurance. I think all of us post-grad 20-somethings are 24 inside.

Here is the video. Enjoy!



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