The beginning of a weekly column: “Wait…Who’s That?”

Watching an award show, reading a magazine, sitting in a meeting, there will always be that random name that comes up that makes you go like WAIT I think I know who that it is but…. let me Google. Here’s your first of many “Wait…Who’s That?”, which is essentially our daily reminder of that B+ to C- celeb that you definitely want to know, but just forgot.

The “Who’s That?” for Monday, January 27th is…

Nate Ruess 

the lead singer of Fun.

…because on the inside you’re like THE LEAD SINGER OF FUN. HAS A NAME?!?!?! or I thought his name was like…COME ON you never really thought about it lez be honest.











NATE, the lead singer of my #1 high school cry myself to sleep band, The Format, is 31 (such soft skin), from Iowa (edgy mothafucka), co-wrote “Die Young” for Ke$ha (awkward/weird) and DATES ELLIE GOULDING (allegedly. I can’t find a picture).








Despite that creeeepy mustache he grew for the Grammys, Nate is a perfect tiny specie with the gift of rasp and giving chills just by breathing.







His duet with Pink was nominated for two Gramz. (Fun. got six noms last year!)







His bandmate is Jack Antonoff, aka the Lena Dunham slayer.








And he is a music success story, received many industry accolades, rocks interesting style and just deserves a real name!!!!!


























SORRY this.


Hustla by day, Top Chef by night, Amanda lives in New York via New Orleans via Boston and is thoroughly enjoying the last year before the Quarter Life Crisis begins.

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