Watching an award show, reading a magazine, sitting in a meeting, there will always be that random name that comes up that makes you go like WAIT I think I know who that it is but…. let me Google. Here’s your next “Wait…Who’s That?”, our daily reminder of that B+ to C- celeb that you definitely want to know, but just forgot.

Today’s “Who’s That?” is…

Ariel Winter (aka Alex)

….Because yesterday was her sweeeet 16!

She plays nerdy, intelligent, middle child Alexandra Anastasia “Alex” Dunphy. Alex! (did you know that is how you spell Dunphy?)

Her first dip int he entertainment industry was starring in a Cool Whip commercial.

In real life she’s pretty trendy

JKJKJK for real though

and she has kind of awesome boobs

She had a really hot older boyfriend

And has been nothing but professional since dealing with some pretty pubic family drama and media coverage.

Keep on going with yo bad self Ariel. 16 is your year!



Hustla by day, Top Chef by night, Amanda lives in New York via New Orleans via Boston and is thoroughly enjoying the last year before the Quarter Life Crisis begins.

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