Watching an award show, reading a magazine, sitting in a meeting, there will always be that random name that comes up that makes you go like WAIT I think I know who that it is but…. let me Google. Here’s your next “Wait…Who’s That?”, our daily reminder of that B+ to C- celeb that you definitely want to know, but just forgot.

Today’s “Who’s That?” is…

Kristina Kelly

…Because she is by far the best addition to SUR.

She’s too cool to have a Wikipedia, to smile, to gossip and/or put any real information online about herself. She’s the definition of edgy.

We can infer she is a model. Literally try to have a better body.

She doesn’t REALLY mind Katie, because she didn’t even flinch after she got slapped.

Stassi is definitely not her real friend. I wonder who they are. People like us?

She probably hates everyone at SUR (especially Sceanna). She would never fuck Jax or Peter.

…maybe Tom though.

She can fit into small spaces too!

Clearly because she doesn’t eat.

*that is an empty grocery cart


I wish she had more facetime or confessionals on Pump Rules. She is definitely funnier than Stassi. I want to hear what she has to say.  I hope she has the same success story as Olivia Palermo. She’s almost as perfect as her.



Hustla by day, Top Chef by night, Amanda lives in New York via New Orleans via Boston and is thoroughly enjoying the last year before the Quarter Life Crisis begins.


  1. playing dumb Reply

    That’s Kristen who got slapped. Bc yes I indulge in trash t.v. shhhh.

  2. this is soooooo stupid. That ridiculous person U are talking about on VPR is nothing but an ass kissing wuss. She has no mind of her own–she agrees with anything and everything her IDOL Stassi says. She orders the same drinks and food as her. She’s never featured on the show except to be someone’s shoulder to cry on while she kisses their ass. Why this stupid site thinks she is some sort of star on the show is beyond me. The writer knows the show sooo well they even think it’s her that Stassi backhanded. Please!!!

  3. Kristina Kelly is a kiss ass – she is always kissing stassi’s ass. So get a life and stop celebrating this irrelevant nobody.

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