You watched the reunion last night and SURPRISE Kristen and Tom are no longer them against the world.

Since we know enough about Tom’s new gal (Arianna <3333), today’s Who’s That obviously has to be…

James Kennedy

…the 21 year old (fe)male model/busser from SUR that Kristen is now dating. REALLY Kristen??? Date someone more qualified.

He’s from the UK and grew up in a musical family. From what we can gather he moved to L.A. to co-produce music with Tom Sandoval and partake in the VPR photo shoot.

Close up of Baby J:

According to Kristen’s monologue last night, Tom is still “the <3 of her life” but she’s having “the time of her life” with Jamesy.

To sum it up, Kristen has a type and James has a butt chin. The end.



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